Types Of Quality Management

Quality management is primarily concerned about maintaining the consistency in the quality of a product and does not actually mean the literal quality of the product. Quality management is handled in various steps and there are different types of quality management.


Internal quality management is one among the types of quality management that are the defined by the protocols issued inside a company by the management. The protocols are issued in order to keep a check on the quality as desired by the design of the product is met always. This check can include a routine or scheduled check that is done after particular procedures or detailed examination of standards and controls done on a regular basis. Certain firms do this by entitling a coworker to go over the data obtained from the work done by another employee and to check if all conditions are met. However, the reliability of internal quality management is entirely dependent on the management because the quality norms set by the company will depend on their interest.


When a product is send from a company to an outside concern that is not affiliated to the particular company, the quality norms will be set by an external body and these types of quality management are called as external quality management. The best example for external quality management is food production. Even though the companies that produce food items might follow their own methods for analyzing the nutritious facts and other data regarding the food, an external lab that is entitled by the concerned external body will also analyze the food sample. In most cases, this procedure is done just to verify the results sent by the food producing company. External management is mainly concerned with government bodies that ensure that the methods followed by the production companies are sound and healthy and their approval is mandatory for selling the product in the market.


Proficiency testing is among the types of quality management that are done on voluntary basis or when an accreditation is required. In this method, the production company will receive various test methods and are requested to perform tests based on those methods. The data obtained will be sent back to concerned agency and the agency will issue an accreditation certificate based on the data produced. The accreditation given by the agencies are used in grading the proficiency of the company and any positive result will be highly beneficial for the company.

In these types of quality management, it is important that the reliability of the laboratory is also ensured. The sensitive equipment and complex protocols of the laboratory will be verified prior to the testing of the product samples and then only the lab will be allowed to continue their work.


In customer focus quality management, the quality management is done based on the customer feedback. The most important factor concerned with any product is customer satisfaction and that is the basis of these types of quality management.