Types Of Poems Poems

There are many different types of poems poems that anyone should get to know well. The thing is that even when we are now in the new millennia wherein everything can be done with a computer, being able to know and write types of poems poems will be nice to the ear and touching to the heart.

There are types of poems poems that are called Alphabet. Alphabet poems are types of poems poems wherein the first letter of each line begins with a letter of the alphabet. The letters also come ascending. This is how many types of poems poems for children are written in. This can give them an easier way to memorize it and enjoy delivering them as they will be able to remember them quite quickly. A good example of this will be:

A dog barked and barked and barked

But then saw a cat that purred and purred and purred

Cat jumped towards the dog that barked

Dog chased the cat away.

Acrostic types of poems poems wherein the first letters of each line forms a word. Most of the time the people who write these kinds of poems are those who want them to be easily memorized too, like the alphabet poems. A good example of acrostic types of poems poems is:

Rachel heard a laugh somewhere

And looked for it towards the tower

Then she became very much surprised

She saw a rat that is as big as her little brother.

Ballads are types of poems poems that are written based on history, a biography, or an event. Examples of ballad poems include poems entitled Joan of Arc, As You Came from The Holy Land, and Ballad of a Broken Heart.

There are also types of poems poems that are written about colors. Of course, these are the poems that are called a color poem. You see, in a color poem, you can describe the color using your 5 senses – your sense of touch, vision, smell, taste, and hearing. The goal of this kinds of poems is to make a person see and understand what a color is like.

Haiku is one of the most popular types of poetry. Haiku originated in Japan and it is written to express a feeling for nature. It is a way to express how you see and perceive nature and how you are appreciate it and share it with your readers. A good example of a Haiku is:

There can never be

A poem

As lovely as a tree.

There are many other types of poems poems that you can learn to write. Just always remember that the soul of being able to write a poem lies on the fact that you are able to share your thoughts and feelings in it. This is what makes any kinds of poems whole. This is why poets are the most sensitive people as through their poems they are able to share their deepest emotions. Just know what these types are so you can easily differentiate one from the other.