Types Of Media For Presentations

There are several types of media for presentations and the type of audience you are targeting should suggest which presentation aid is right for you. While making sure the presentation media you choose is the right one, it is important to execute the presentation in a clear and proper manner. Media presentations should not look disorganized, battered, dirty, or hastily made. They don’t need to be too fancy, but try to maintain a good level of professionalism. The following are the main types of media for presentations available today.

1.Computer-Based Media

These are the most common types of media for presentations in the present technologically driven world. It is utilized by professionals, industries, and businesses to make their presentations to their various subjects and audience. It is the use of PowerPoint and other types of computer software to make presentations. So, whether you are having an annual convention, a small conference, or a departmental meeting, you need to be familiar with these types of media for presentations to make your presentations very effective. Computer presentations are easy to operate once you have familiarized yourself with the basics. But do not be too relaxed even when you have properly fixed everything. A good presentation may be ruined if your computer based media developed an issue just at the 9th hour. This is because the computer is something that can develop an issue even when you least expected it. The only way to be well prepared against unforeseeable problems during your presentation is to have a backup plan in cane your initial setup goes bad. Even computer gurus sometimes experience hinges with their computers so yours should not be an exception.

These types of media for presentations first came into the fore in the 1970s. However, back then they were too expensive and reserved for the big industry players and people with high technical knowledge for its effective operation. But today, software for presentation is rampant and have been made to be easily used by even non-specialist.

2. Audiovisual Media

These types of media for presentations may be used in a computer environment but they don’t necessarily require computers before they are used. Before the advent of the computer, audio and video media was most frequently used by several media houses and other organizations to pass information across. The audiovisual media presentation uses music or video player to convey information with the help of a speaker if the media presentation is to be made to a large audience. In this case, the speaker should be loud enough for people to hear them.

3. Low-Tech Media

These types of media for presentations do not necessarily need computer technology for its proper functioning. There are situations where computer based presentations are counterproductive and unnecessary. In cases like this, a low-tech media presentation will be most ideal. One very good thing about using these types of media for presentations is their simplistic nature as they can be easily handled and manipulated. They are equally not as expensive as their technology media presentation counterparts. Some of these types of media for presentations include Dry-erase or chalk board, handouts, and flipcharts.