Types Of Computer Software

The term ‘software‘ means all the programs, procedures, and routines that control of the elements of efficient operation of the elements hard.A system of calculation may not process the data without being program. A program consists of a sequence of instructions that converge to the solution of the problem which must be solved.

All the programs that make up the software component can be divided from the very beginning in two categories:

– System programs – coordinate the mode in which they work components of the system and shall assist in the operation program applications. They say that they make the basic software. These types of computer software are designed to facilitate efficient use of resources use of computer system and provide tools for the development of execution of the programs for applications.

These programs are developed for certain types of computer software and may not be used on other types. They are provided by the producers in computing or by specialized companies. The system programs mainly relates to the operating system.

– Software applications (software applications) carry out processing tasks that lead directly to achieving the results and solve some of the issues raised by users. They justify their wide range of possible uses of a computer system.

Examples of types of computer software applications can be very numerous: editing and word processing, reporting statistical, financial, accounting and banking, assisted design and technological constructive, the processing of images and sound, dynamic systems modeling and simulation, management of data bases and many others. Their physical execution of a program of calculation is a complex process to the conduct which participate both the hard, as well as a part of the software of the computer.

The types of computer software system are made up of those programs which coordinates various parts of the computing system, for

it to execute other programs (on the applications) quickly and efficiently.

The system program is a mediator between the programs of applications and hard for the computer, watching at the same time and freeing human operator for a whole range of tasks routine.

The operating system (OS)- a set of manual procedures and modules of the program by the system which manage computer system resources (CPU, memory, peripherals, information) that ensure efficient use, in common, of these resources and provide a user interface as well as more comfortable for the use of the system of calculation.

Therefore, all types of computer software can be considered to represent an interface between the components and the user.

To respond the role played by the hardware interface – user, most operating systems are organized on two levels:

Physically – closer to hardware that interfere with system outages. Interruption requires ongoing program execution via a signal due to an event, service interruption, and then resumes execution of the current program.

Logic – closest to the user interfering with system commands, programming languages, tools.

Accordingly these two levels, Operating systems generally comprise two categories of programs: command and control to coordinate and control of all functions of the operating system (processes of input and output (I/O, implementation of such interruptions, communication hardware- user, etc.); of services (processing) – carried out under the supervision of the command and control programs, Used by programmer to develop its programs by the application.