Types Of Business Administration Degrees

In the current educational trend, there are various types of business administration degrees. A business administration degree is a type of academic degree that are being awarded to the students who have completed a program from college, university or business school with the program being focused on any of the following: business, business administration or business management. Most of the types of business administration degrees would feature a sequence of business administration major courses and would provide the flexibility in several areas like:


Applied Statistics

Computer Information Systems


Computer Science


Human Resources


Health Care


Real Estate

Retail Business

Some of the common career paths for the business administration degree holders are:




Corporate Recruiter

Finance Officer

Finance Manager

Financial Analyst

Human Resources Manager

Management Analyst

Management Consultant

Marketing Manager

Marketing Research Analyst

Product Manager

The common types of business administration degrees:

Master’s of Business Administration (MBA):

Masters of Business Administration is one of the types of business administration degrees and is a graduate program. By undergoing this program, the candidate is more likely to advance his or her own career. The MBA degree could be completed in 1 to 3 years depending upon the type of program. However, the standard set time for full time candidate would be 2 years. Almost all the MBA candidates would require to have completed any undergraduate degree. But, this undergraduate degree need not to be business related one. Usually, these candidates are also required to have business related work experience for about 3 to 5 years.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA):

This is an undergraduate program and is the first level of business administration. These types of business administration degrees are far beyond the associate degree programs, but still lower than the master’s and doctoral degree programs. Depending upon the course of study, one could earn Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. More usually, the Bachelor of Science degree would be awarded to the business majors. In these types of business administration degrees, the majors and concentration programs would vary from one institution to another. However, primarily the BSBA is a two year program that is undertaken within the construct of any four year undergraduate education. Most of the B.A in business administration degrees would have focus areas such as entrepreneurship, economics, accounting or marketing. These focus areas would be helpful in preparing the candidates for certain types of jobs.

Associate Degree:

Usually, an associate degree is a two year degree program which would contain more focused areas of study. More generally, the associate degrees in Arts (AA) or the associate degree in Sciences (AS) would lead to a larger pay scale. Also, these types of business administration degrees would result in more number of job opportunities than for the candidates with GED or high school diploma. At times, these degrees would even lead to new careers or may take the candidate to a desire for pursuing an even higher level of education.