Types Of Management Positions

Types of management positions depend upon different departments, work on field, responsibilities etc. Duties and responsibilities of any manager depend upon his/her potential to work and forte types of management positions are decided in accordance with the kind of organization and responsibilities to be handled by an individual.

Every organization majorly has three departments in common which are marketing, accounts and human resource and the type of management positions are divided on the basis of skills needed in these departments. Some of the examples of the types of management positions are as follows:

Training: Training plays a vital role in any organization as a training manager is responsible to give training to the employees on various aspects of management to increase the productivity of workers. Every employee starting from a worker till top management has to undergo training sessions at various intervals of time to keep themselves updated towards the technology and managerial responsiveness.

Motivation: A manager should have the quality to keep its subordinate motivated so that he could get 100% output from the work done by the subordinates. An employee who is motivated would love his work and would complete it with full dedication. The manager should be able to be self motivated himself than only he/she could keep his subordinated motivated. This keeps a trustworthy relationship between the manager and his subordinates.

Profit and loss: manager should keep the track record of the profit and loss of the organization as the status of the organization in the market could be traced and measures could be taken to improve it. The manager is also responsible to increase the profitability of the organization by providing new business ideas or bringing in new investors. The profitability of an organization not only helps the organization but it also helps the manager to grow in his career.

Supervision: manager has the responsibility to supervise the inwards and outwards of the organization. He/she has to keep proper record of the marketing aspects of the organization such as the employees are completing their targets on time or not do they need some assistance or help to complete their work on time.

Types of management positions can also be defined in the form of work profiles of managers.

Production manager: This person would be responsible for the production work he has to look after the whole production aspect of an organization starting from the raw material till the final product manufactured/delivered.

Marketing manager: This person is responsible for the whole marketing aspect of the organization. He has to keep track record of the full marketing chain of the product manufacturer / delivered till the end customer. He is responsible to increase the sales for organization by implementing various marketing techniques to capture the market.

Finance manager: This person would be responsible to take decisions regarding the financial aspects of the organization as to how much is the inward flow of money and how much is the outward expenses. He would be responsible to find ways to increase the profits of the organization and to lower the expenses.

Types of management positions differ from organization to organization on the ways of carrying out the work.