Types Of Management

What are the different types of management? Management is defined as the act of being able to bring people together to be able to let goals be achieved and accomplished. There are many different ways to run a business. There are many different types of personalities as well. This being said, the need for the different types of management arises. This is why people are looking for more and more new types of management to ensure that all kinds of people are going to be their most productive when they are at work. The most common types of management are autocratic management, democratic management, participative management, and laissez faire management style, among others.

The autocratic management styles are types of management that is run by autocratic managers. He is the one who makes decisions without thinking of and consulting other people. This person is like a dictator. If he wants anything to be done, then it is done. People find these as effective types of management because here, the people are forced to do the work that they need to do. They are forced to be productive, or else they risk losing their jobs. However, the main problem here is that people can get easily burned out of their everyday tasks. Before they know it, they are already quitting their jobs. Therefore, when these management types are employed, retention rates may suffer.

Democratic management styles are types of management led by a democratic manager. This democracy manager leads the people by delegating different jobs. They are the ones who give out performance appraisals. This is the management style preferred by many people. In these types of management, people are most likely to stay. The good thing is that the employees feel their hard work is well appreciated. They know that they are doing a good job therefore they are more eager to do work. The problem here is that when there are many people involved in the types of management, the work productivity may sometimes suffer and slow down.

The participative management styles are types of management wherein decision making is done by votes. The staff and other employees are given feedback forms that they fill out to voice out their concerns. These feedbacks are then used to create conclusions on how to improve the workplace in pretty much every aspect. When there is an opposition about something, the decision will then be voted on again. The main problem is that there are employees that think there is no leadership that is employed in these types of management.

The Laissez Faire management styles are management types that entail freedom to the employees. The employees are then free to choose the jobs they do as well as how they are able to do it. These are the best styles to integrate to individual contributors to make the team a lot stronger than it was previously. The problem here is that the setup is basically conflicting to people who doesn’t want to cooperate. Therefore, these people tend to resign from their jobs.