Types Of Management Leadership

In this fast growing and competitive world you can find different types of management leadership styles that are used in high productive companies. Every management has a different style and characteristics making it unique and is adopted by managers in different situations.

types of management leadership skills or characteristics vary according to the situation, the type of company, the workflow, employ quality and the number of employees. If you are a manager, here are different types of management leadership characteristics that you can adopt according to different situations.

* Active blue

Active blue is always considered to be one among the different types of management leadership and is usually used in a sensitive situation and involves greater commitment of people. Managers who want to adopt this style should be more open, people oriented, have good people management skills, is usually liked by his subordinates and has the capability of motivating others around him. Managers have good personal relationships with the help of their interpersonal skills and it is this interpersonal skill that helps them to implement a decision without forcing people or having any conflict. Active blue managers avoid conflict between his subordinates under any circumstances and trying his best not to put other’s feelings.

* Reflective blue

this is yet another one among different types of management leadership characteristics. The reflective blue leader is more obsessed with the issues of the organization and gives more importance to the organization of values. This type of management style is most favorable when the team loses its focus or identity and is involved in a lot of things at the same time. The manager under such circumstances focuses on the main subject matter and is usually not distracted that tribal things. Such a management style cannot be implemented where there is a technical problem and does not need any emotion or passion.

* Active Green

This is a very positive leadership quality where the manager is always looking out for opportunities and positive outcomes. The manager is always introducing new things to his team and the organization so that he brings in better changes with more experiments. The manager or the leader comes up with different type of trial business model of products. This leadership quality is good when a lot of projects are pending with very little resource or time. However, this leadership quality cannot be used in situations where a lot of changes have to be done.

* Active yellow

Active yellow is usually adopted by managers who like to have high level of action when it comes to greater results. This time, it is the leader who was in the front of his team and makes himself the example for his team to follow. Whenever there is a lack of motivation among his team, the head jumps in with his leadership style and cheers them up by making himself an example and cheering his team up. This type of leadership cannot be usually implemented then team performances are measured individually.