Types Of Management Goals

You may think that management is any easy task but there are many types of management goals that one needs to keep in mind and take along and so management really is not as easy as it may seem. There are different types of management goals and as any company progress, the types of management goals change, too. There are also different types of management goals because of the fact that there are different types of department within every business. Management goals would vary for everyone in various departments at different stages of the company/business’ life.

One of the various types of management goals are strategic goals. These types of management goals affect the company as a whole. These goals focus upon the entire company- the profits, breakthroughs, employees’ salaries, criteria of hiring employees, finances, public and social responsibilities and such like. These sorts of management goals are usually set by the leaders of any company. When a company starts off these goals help steer it in a particular direction that would enable it to survive and continue growing and these sorts of goals apply to anyone and everyone within an organization. You know how parents call ‘family meetings’ sometimes? Think of these goals being a product of such meetings but on an organizational level.

When strategic goals are broken down so that they can be applied to each and every department in the organization, you get those types of management goals that are department-specific and would help every department organize itself according to the desires and wishes of the founders of the company as well. These help every department work in a specific way. Think of these goals as you would of the constitution of a country- the rules and regulations are laid out but they are implemented by each department.

Then there are operational goals which are those types of management goals that have more to do with how a company operates and less to do with other factors. Everything is looked at from an operational point of view- how the employees can perform more efficiently and other factors of the sort are considered. These types of management goals are arranged and made by those that are lower in the hierarchy as opposed to the organizers of strategic goals. These are also more specific to a specific branch of an organization that may have many other branches too.

Sometimes there are certain conflicts within the organization and this may be between employers, employees and employers and employees too. In these cases, certain types of management goals are needed to keep the company going and in order to deal with any conflicts so that things run smoothly. These types of management goals are called superordinate goals. The value of every employer and employee in the organization is taken into account, realized and appreciated and the organization runs a lot better that way too. Communication is the main key here and this also helps motivate people within the organization too.