Types Of Management Consulting

Management consulting is one of the best platforms available into the field of education. It is all about assisting an organization to produce more effective work. There can be numerous types of management consulting depending on the organization and of course on the form of consultation required. The only aim of all organizations seems to be stumbled on one major factor of reducing the production costs.

Management consulting helps in-

A) Reducing the production cost

B) Increasing the productivity

C) Improving the existing work fields

Let’s take a brief look on different types of management consulting.

1) Information Technology consulting:

All matters that come across the field of information technology or IT are categorized as IT consulting or simply technology consulting. Below given list shows the work areas of technology consulting.

a) repository of data

b) Creating a new data/deleting the old data

c) Building an managing the warehouse

2) Operations consulting:

All kinds of manufacturing industries make use of operations consulting. Perfect management of standard operations is incorporated in this type of management consulting.

For example:

a) Call center undergoes operations consulting to reduce the waiting time duration to 1 minute.

b) Manufacturing company which is looking for the diminution of defects from 6% to 1.5% within next few months selects operations consulting strategy.

3) HR consulting:

Among all other types of management consulting HR consulting is considered as most important because it directly relates to the entire functioning of an organization or company. H consulting performs following operations:

a) Arranging the number of employees to achieve desired goal of an organization

b) To create workable environment into an organization or company.

4) Marketing and sales consulting:

All kinds of businesses need to consider suitable promotion strategies for the product or business. At such time, sales and marketing consulting helps a lot. It helps reduce the cost needed on doing promotion of a product. Besides, the work area of this type of consulting revolves around selecting best marketing strategies that can turn effective at the end. People working as marketing and sales consultant have spread contacts with the people working into advertisement industry.

5) Design consulting:

Many manufacturing companies that work on the production of certain products need to use design consulting services. For example: companies into the production of watches, sunglasses, furniture, computers etc. need to use design consulting services. Among all other types of management consulting design consulting has got tremendous importance.

6) Pharma consulting:

This is one added type among the several other types of management consulting. New drugs, medicines, and all other chores that relate to the medical field are needed to be supported by phama consulting services. Launching of new medicine, deciding on the price of medicine or deciding on the expiration date of medicine are some of the tasks of pharma consulting.

Management consulting companies often provide services into many areas at a time. It is necessary to know all types of management consulting if you are willing to learn more about this subject. It is necessary to note that above stated types are some of the major types of management consulting.