Types Of Genres Of Literature

What makes literature so interesting is that there are numerous types of genres of literature and every one of these are amazing and add color and beauty to the topic of literature in their own way. Different writers have contributed to the field of literature by writing material that fit in different types of genres of literature and many have immortalized themselves by writing excellently regardless of the genre. Some of their works are read in schools and have been made part of literature courses and curriculums around the world. Shakespeare is an example of one such writer.

One of the many types of genres of literature is poetry. Poems are written in various forms. Some of these may rhyme while others do not but one thing that is common in all types of poems is that they make use of metaphors and similes in order to create depth and to ‘amplify’ the emotionality of the poem and the depth in the words used to write the poems too. Short sentences that have a lot more meaning than they may initially seem to have are combined to tell the reader about something or someone that the poet saw, came across, felt for or experienced.

Then, there are novels that are also types of genres of literature. Usually the writer focuses upon a theme and the novel focuses upon a theme generally. The characters are all made in a way where they are reflective of the writer’s thoughts or some aspect of the writer’s ideology. The dialogues are reflective of these too. Everything rotates around the theme- whatever it may be. There are many contemporary novelists in the world of today and novels today talk about various topics and themes that were initially considered to be taboo and wrong to talk about.

Certain types of genres of literature focus more on dialogues where real actors are to read from a script that is given to them to give life to these types of genres of literature and these are known as plays. Playwriting itself is now an important part of the movie industry. What were initially plays that were shown before an audience in a theatre later transformed to become movies that could be shown to millions and billions of people across the globe though many plays still are shown and organized in theatre even today.

These are some of the many types of genres of literature that people are fond of or are involved in. These genres are all studied in universities, colleges, schools and such like because of the fact that they really help open up the minds of students (or anyone) who study these genres. Nowadays most types of genres of literature are also enjoyed out of school. So many contemporary writers/poets and authors have come up with excellent works which have touched upon important social, religious and other sorts of aspects. These types of genres of literature are far more diverse now than they were once upon a time.