Types Of Food Poisoning Bacteria

Many people get food poisoning on a daily basis but that is mainly due to the numerous types of food poisoning bacteria present in the foods. Since bacteria are microorganisms it is impossible to be able to see them with the naked eye and that is why people are never aware of the existence of bacteria in their foods that could cause food poisoning. Naturally, every bacteria causes food poisoning to a different extent and while some of these can cause serious food poisoning, others do not and can be removed from the system via the production of antibodies.

E.coli is one of the many types of food poisoning bacteria and though in people with stronger immune systems it wouldn’t be difficult to get rid of the bacteria, old people and youngsters with weaker immune systems may develop serious forms of diarrhea where blood can be seen in the stool and severe cramps in the abdominal may be felt as well. In some cases this may lead to kidney failure and intestines could become necrotic as well. Usually these types of food poisoning bacteria occur due to unpasteurized milk, orange and apple juice and also due to uncooked hamburgers too.

Salmonella is another of the many types of food poisoning bacteria which, like the E.coli bacteria, can be found in unpasteurized milk and in undercooked meats of all sorts. Though the bacteria does not lead to anything serious and can be dealt with without the use of any antibiotics, it is important to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Symptoms include nausea, headaches and diarrhea as well as cramping in the stomach. Barbecuing foods is generally a good idea as the flame gets rid of any bacteria that may be present in the foods and the chances of these types of food poisoning bacteria affecting anyone are reduced.

Listeria is one of those types of food poisoning that do not cause any symptoms in a person with a strong immune system but it would affect pregnant women and people with weakened immune system. It could lead to miscarriage or death as well and it is normally found in deli meat, cheeses, fish and packaged hot dogs. It is advised that the foods be heated and cooked properly prior to being eaten so that the bacteria is killed before the food is digested.

Campylobacter is also one of those types of food poisoning bacteria that can be found in unpasteurized milk and poultry products. It would be a good idea to cook food properly and to ensure that the heat is distributed through the food evenly so that any and all bacteria are killed. The cases are mostly mild and usually people suffer from diarrhea but if the issue is not addressed it can lead to appendicitis and eventually death though this is rare.

These are the 4 most common types of food poisoning bacteria and all you need to do is to ensure that anything you eat is cooked properly, washed and cleaned before eating it.