Types Of Food Poisoning

Numerous types of food poisoning exist in today’s world. Pollution, chemicals and bacteria are the main source for turning a food product into poison. Eating out is also unsafe, as there is a possibility for serving un-sterile condition. It is important to understand the causes and their effects to ensure non-occurrence of a situation that may lead to death. Continue to read ahead as we provide complete information related to different types of food poisoning.

1. Campylobacter enteritis

This specific bacterium is the most commonly found allergen in food poisoning cases. Any individual prone to food poisoning due to this bacterium experiences severe gastrointestinal pain for over two weeks. It is essential to find the best cure at the earliest to ensure proper functioning of the intestinal system. Improperly processes meat, contaminated vegetables, untreated milk and water are the main sources through which the bacterium enters the human body.

2. Cholera

The second most occurrences in different types of food poisoning, cholera causes severe misery to the patient. A patient also falls as prey to diarrhea. Contaminated water, vegetables and eating raw food are the main sources behind occurrence of cholera. A person experiencing cholera feels dehydrated throughout the period.

3. E.Coli Enteritis

This is the third most occurring bacterium and causes severe attack on the body. There is a possibility for occurrence of death if unattended in the early stage. There are numerous treatments available for the ailment and one should be starting the treatment with increased dosage to stop the elevation of the bacteria. The bacterium is largely found in untreated meat and improper handling of vegetables.

4. Ciguatera

This specific bacterium finds its way into the human body through fish. This is also termed as fish poisoning. There is a possibility for a fish to contain contaminated algae of coral, which are high toxin agents. A record of 50,000 cases is registered every year. However, the bacterium is found in tropical regions. There is a possibility to detect the same using seafood processors.

5. Listeria

Standing in the fifth position of different types of food poisoning is Listeria. There is a possibility for the patient to fall between asymptomatic and dead. The bacterium enters the human body through numerous ways. Consuming liquids and eating foods that is grown out in the open are the main sources that the bacterium resides.

6. Staphylococcus

This is the most common bacterium found and everyone talks about the same, as it is called as picnic food poisoning. The bacterium finds its home on potato salads. Reheating the salad is a bad idea as it only aggravates the bacterium and the symptoms.

7. Salmonella

Salmonella is the main culprit and plays a major role as major types of food poisoning agent across the poultry industry. Handling is the major issue and spreads through contact. Processed eggs, meat and chicken parts are main handlers of the bacterium. Pets such as rodents and reptiles are also known to carry the bacterium. They spread from one pet to another when they come in contact.