Types Of Food Oil

There are various types of food oil that are used around the world today. Certain types of food oils are used to prepare healthy dishes for people who are interested in maintaining their health or becoming fit and healthy. Then there are those types of food oil that can be used on salads in order to season it and add to the flavor and to make the salad healthier. Different people and households use different types of food oil- some people may not be allowed to use certain types of food oil due to religious reasons. Science and technology has made it possible to come up with a range of food oils today.

Lard is one of the many types of food oil that is used especially in the west. This actually pig fat that is melted and used to fry certain types of food. Lard is frequently used to fry fish or other forms of meat because it is quite cheap, and widely available. Also, it is especially good for frying food in the winters. However these are quite high in fats and it is not a good idea to use this food oil if you have heart problems. These are high in triglycerides but are not used in Islamic countries where the pig is forbidden by religion.

Olive oil is one of the more popular types of food oil. Rich in monounsaturated fats and low in fat content as opposed to other types of oil, olive oil is usually used to season salads. It evaporates quickly because of which it is not used to cook foods too often. Olive oil is also one of the more expensive food oils. There are various types of olive oils too- extra virgin and virgin olive oil are examples of these. People in eastern countries also use olive oil on their hair because it is believed that olive oil would help increase the strength and thickness of the hair. Olive oil is used a lot in Italy which is home to some of the best restaurants that produce some of the best salads in the world.

Ghee is another of the various types of food oil and it is used a lot in eastern countries to prepare sweet dishes and sweets which are referred to as mithai in some eastern countries. Ghee is quite high in saturated fats and so it is generally advised that one stay away from this food oil though it can be used to cook certain types of foods every now and then. In eastern countries this is used quite frequently in rural areas because ghee is quite cheap and affordable in these countries.

Other types of food oil include canola oil which is made in large quantities in Canada. These are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and can be used to make and cook food too since they do not evaporate too easily.

These are some of the most common types of food oil that are available about there.