Types Of Oil

The term oil is a very broad subject as there exist very many types of oil which are either used by engines or human beings. Classification of oils at times becomes very difficult due to the forms in which they exist.

Motor oil is a naturally occurring substance which results from organic matter which has been heated beneath the earth surface for over hundreds of years. Beneath the earth surface, it exist in form of crude oil which must be processed for consumption. It is normally mined through drilling of oil wells.

Some of the most common types of oils used by motor vehicles or other forms of engines can be classified as synthetic oil, high mileage oil, synthetic blends and conventional oil.

Synthetic oil

These types of oils are widely used due to their excellent performance. They offer better lubrication and excellent engine protection mechanisms. They are known to have perfect cleansing properties and are highly durable. They also protect the engine against heat build up.

Synthetic blend motor oils

These types of oils are made from a mixture of both synthetic and conventional based products. They are perfect at maintaining lower engine temperatures and are also good anti-oxidants. These types of oils are highly recommended for vehicles which run at a very high rpm and carry heavy load such as trucks and trailers.

High-mileage motor oil

These types of oil are meant for vehicles which cover longer distances i.e. 75,000 miles or for old models vehicles. They improve combustion chamber by sealing oil leaks and reduces burn off during combustion. This makes the high-mileage motor oils to enhance engine performance especially for the older version of vehicles as it perfect in restoring engine compression.

Conventional engine oil

They are heat tolerant and are designed for relaxed cruising speeds. Moreover, they have an advanced engine breakdown resistance and they are mainly used by vehicles which cover very few miles.

It is important to check the cars manual before opting for any type of oil as it may only lead to a faster break down of the engine.

Other than these types of oils used in engines, there are some oils which are meant for human consumptions. Most cooking oils are extracted from various types of plant products.

Some of the most common types of oils include those extracted from ground nuts or peanut, extracts from corn, olive plant, sunflower etc. It is necessary to take precaution while using any kind of cooking as some contain can cholesterol which can lead to heart failure or some other heart diseases.

Milk is also a very good product rich in natural oils which can also be used for cooking. It is one product which has been used for a very long time in traditional African society and it’s still being used.

There are very many vegetable oils which are also used for cooking and are cholesterol free. One of the most important things one should have in mind while choosing any form of cooking oil is to read the ingredients carefully as they will determine whether the oil will have side effects on the user or not.