Types Of Energy Jobs

The energy industry is probably the largest and most profitable industries in today’s world, and that is why there are several types of energy jobs that one can follow. To put things in some kind of order first and before we before we start examining various types of energy jobs, let’s see what the energy industry includes.

The petroleum industry, the gas industry, the electrical power industry, the coal industry, the nuclear power industry, as well as the renewable energy industry, all belong to the greater umbrella we call energy industry. In each of those industries there are two important aspects: one aspect has to do with selling and distributing energy, while the other has to do with the production of this energy. Depending on the type of industry we are talking, production can involve extraction, manufacturing, and refining. In other words, you can start seeing the big picture and realize that the types of energy jobs in those industries are numerous. If you were to do the math, you would have to multiply the number of different industries, with the number of different domains in each industry, times the number of different responsibilities and positions within the same domain, in order to get a rough estimate of the various types of energy jobs.

First of all, each company, no matter what energy we are talking about, needs some kind of facilities in order to manufacture and distribute its product, which in turn means that there must be specialized workers to build such facilities, workers who have knowledge of the particularities that have to do the energy under question, workers that should also be in a position to perform regular maintenance in these facilities. A company then needs scientific personnel that will be responsible for the production of energy; whether that is scientists supervising fuel extraction, the process of refinement, etc. And keep in mind that the our pursue of technological advancement competing with our pursue for knowledge, constantly raises the bar higher, thus creating the need for even more specialized personnel, a specialization that in turn creates new types of energy jobs. To what is more, each company also needs an administrative component; people who get to decide what kind of projects a company will run, decide their location, as well as many other stuff that might not sound comprehensible to a persona that has not any business, economics or management studies.

Up until now, we have considered those types of energy jobs that are basically concerned with the production of energy; but what about distributing that energy! Consider the types of jobs that come with it: in the case of petroleum, for example, a company will need a number of driver to deliver their product to other small companies; and, of course, consider the number of salesmen that will get down to work, once they get that energy to their hands, until this energy reaches its final destination: namely you!

All in all, if you are looking for a position in the energy industry, there are many types of energy jobs to choose from; the possibilities are endless…