Types Of Energy Companies

The energy industry is made of different types of energy companies involved in the extraction, production, refining, and distribution of various forms of energy. The society is always in high demand of different energy sources and there are different companies that make sure these energy sources are available for use and consumption. These energy companies are available in almost all countries and they can be private of government owned. The following are the various types of energy companies depending on the types of energy source they produce.

1. Energy companies in the petroleum industry

These types of energy companies are responsible for extracting, producing, reining, and distribution of petroleum products. They include gas stations, fuel transporters, petroleum refiners, and oil companies. Some companies involve themselves only in one field while other larger companies take care of the processes from extracting to distribution to final consumers. The largest products produced in this industry are petrol (gasoline) and fuel oil. He oil is mainly transported through pipelines. While petrol is primarily used by automobiles, petroleum oil is used in the manufacture of several chemical products including plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, solvents, and pharmaceuticals. These types of energy companies are usually involved in the downstream sector, midstream sector, or upstream sector.

2. Gas companies

These types of energy companies are involved in the extraction and manufacture of coal gas and natural gas. They are also involved in the sales and distribution of these products to be used in long vehicles and in homes.

3. Electric energy companies

These are involved in the generation, sales and distribution of electricity. The current is generated from dams and transformed into electricity to be used in homes and offices. These types of energy companies can either be private or government. So many businesses and households need electricity which is one of the cheapest sources of power. This demand is very high but the supply is largely insufficient in developing countries. Electricity is needed for several things including the operation of appliances, industrial processes, heating, cooking, commercial and domestic lightning, powering of industrial machinery and office equipments.

4. Coal companies

Coal is one of the oldest forms of energy and is the largest source of electricity generation. It is equally the highest source of carbon dioxide release in the world. There are several types of energy companies in this category. The continuous use as a source of energy has been subjected to several criticisms because of its high emission of carbon dioxide. The continuous clamor for a green environment and the preservation of the ecosystem has further hampered the use of this form of energy. Hence, there are fewer companies the produced coal presently compared to the number some decades ago.

5. Nuclear power companies

Solar power generation is increasingly becoming popular and several nuclear power companies are springing up to meet the increasing demands of consumers. The use of nuclear energy does not pose problems to the environment unlike the use of non-renewable energy sources like petroleum.

6. Renewable energy companies

These types of energy companies are involved in the distribution of renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power. There relevance has increased because of the constant clamor for the preservation of the environment and the use of renewable energy.