Types Of Dogs Ears

If you love dogs, you would enjoy this list of the different types of dogs ears. You see, at present there are thousands of species of dogs. There are different breeds that come in different looks, sizes, and personalities. This is why there are different types of dogs ears too.

The most common types of dogs ears are the bat ear. These types of dogs ears are the ones that are triangular shaped and are upright. They are known to be well proportioned to the head as well. The dog breeds that have bat ears include the Cardigan Welsh corgi and the Chihuahuas.

The types of dogs ears you see on French Bulldogs and Chow chows are called round tipped or blunt. As you will notice, these types of dog ears are shaped triangular as well. However, they do not have the sharp tip triangles are. This is why they are called blunt tipped. The chow chows have their ears in proportion to their body. In the case of the French bulldogs, however, the ears are bigger.

There are button types of dogs ears too. These are the ears that are shaped triangular but are folded forward. Because of the fold that is present in these types of dogs ears, the ear canals of the dogs are obscured. This is why they are called such, as they serve as a button to hide the ear canals. The breeds that are best known to have these types of dogs ears are the Fox terriers as well as the Jack Russell.

The English toy terriers are known to have their own type of ears. These are semi triangular and semicircular shaped ears that are pointed as well. These types of dogs ears are called the candle flame ears.

The semi cropped types of dogs ears are ones that have folds too. However, the fold is just slightly seen and the ears are upright. This is how the ears of pit bulls and rough collies look like.

Cropped ears are those ears that are not normally formed. They are done by surgically cropping them so that they will get straight and upright. Yes, cosmetic surgery is done to dogs too. Dogs that undergo this procedure include the Great Danes and the Dobermans.

Pendant ears are, well, ears that drop like a pendant. There are dogs that have huge pendant ears. There are some that have slightly smaller ones. However, the main characterizing fact about pendant ears is that they are drooping down the side of the head of the dogs. They are commonly seen in Basset Hounds and Skye Terriers.

With so many different dog breeds, it is inevitable that you get more of these dog ear types. This being said, you will be able to get to know your beloved dogs better. This way, you will be able to understand them more too. Indeed, the most you get to know about the breed and personality of your dog the more you will be able to take care of them better.