Types Of Dogs

What are the different types of dogs? Dogs are fun pets and enjoyable companions. They are also great as guards. They are also effective hunters. These are some of the reasons why we love dogs so much. The thing is that there are many types of dogs. They are classified basing on their best assets. All of them, however, are cute and cuddly. The types of dogs are divided into groups. The most common group types of dogs are the toy group, the hunting group, the working group, the hounds, the utility group, the gundogs, the nonsporting group, and many others.

The toy groups are the smallest types of dogs. They are also the ones that are kindest and the most loyal. These dogs are known to be very intelligent as they can learn to do tricks and many commands. These are the dogs that are considered lap dogs, given their size. Also, some of the smallest species of the working group can be considered part of the toy groups. The most common toy dogs include Chihuahuas, Cocker Spaniels, Maltese, Miniature Pinschers, and many others.

The hunting group types of dogs are dogs that are tasked to hunt. There are many different types of dogs that are under the hunter category. Two of the most common examples of these dogs are the terriers and the gundogs. The terrier groups types of dogs are those that are, well, terriers. There are many different species of terriers that they have been given their own dog group. Terriers are kept so that they can be tasked to hunt mice, rabbits, weasels, and many others. There are some species of the terriers that can hunt foxes as well. The most common terrier types of dogs are the bull terrier, Australian terrier, Airedale terrier, fox terrier, Cesky terrier, Welsh terrier, and many others. The gundogs are types of dogs that are of the hunting variety as well. There are many different types of dogs considered to be gundogs. These include the retrievers, barbet, English setter, field spaniel, and many others.

The guard dogs are, well, dogs that are tasked to guard. These dogs are usually of huge sizes and are great defenders against people, other animals, and the like. They are very loyal to both their homes and their humans. The thing about these dogs is that they can be really aggressive. When you have visitors, you may want to keep your guard dogs in their cages to ensure that no one will get bitten accidently. These dogs are very noisy. This is actually a trait that makes them great guard dogs. Their barks will alert their owners when there are intruders in their area. The most common types of guard dogs are the mastiffs, the boxers, the German shepherds, and many others.

The companion dogs are, well, dogs that are great companions. Toy groups can be classified as companion groups, actually. This is because they are great in making sure that their humans are happy with them around. The most common types of companion dogs include Pomeranians, French bulldogs, beagles, and the like.