Types Of Dog

What are the different types of dog? Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal, cuddly, and very lovable. There are dogs that are big as there are also some that are small. There are many different breeds and species of them, too. However, these thousands of species are divided into five main types of dog – companion dogs, herding dogs, working dogs, guard dogs, and hunting dogs.

Companion dogs are the types of dog that are, well, great companions. These are the dogs that do not work. They are the ones that are more into the doing tasks than being useful. Most common examples of the companion types of dog are the toy breeds. These are the dogs that are mainly there to give pleasure as well as company. The most common breed of dogs, retrievers, is among the most favorite kinds of companion dogs. Other famous types of companion dogs are Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, terriers, askals, beagles, Maltese, French bulldogs, poodles, mini pinschers, and dachshunds.

Herding dogs, on the other hand, are types of dog that are used to herd other types of animals. These dogs are those that are either bred for herding or trained in herding. The most famous traits of these types of dog are their ability to act when they hear a whistle or a command. Most herding dogs are made to herd ducks, sheep, and even cattle. The most famous herding types of dog include the sheepdogs, the Border collie, blue lacy, Tibetan terriers, Swedish valhund, reindeer herder, Rottweiler, Samoyed, huntaway, the cattle dog, and many others.

Working dogs are the types of dog that are mainly used to assist in working or performing tasks. They are breeds that assist their humans in doing their everyday functions. There are a number of jobs that dogs can do. For instance, the turnspit dogs are dogs that are used as a source of power. They are also dogs that can turn treadmills connected to roasting spits. Therapy dogs are dogs that are used to help bring cheer and entertain people who are going through therapy. Rescue dogs are those that are used in rescue operations. Lastly, search dogs are those that are used to look for missing people or things.

Guard dogs or watch dogs are the types of dog that are stereotypical. They are the loyal dogs that guard their owners and watch their homes. They are known to be discriminating. They know who their owners are and they make sure they are safe. These types of dogs bark loudly to alert their owners when unfamiliar people are around. The most common types of guard dogs include bull mastiffs, boxers, German shepherds, and chow-chow among others.

Last we have the hunting dogs. These are the dogs that are used to hunt. The dogs under this category can have visual acuity. They are fast and have awesome scents of smell. These dogs can also be trained to locate and point their targets to their humans. The most common hunting dogs are spaniels, retrievers, and the greyhounds among others.