Types Of Dog Mange

Dog mange is a certain types of skin diseases that occur in dogs and there are different types of dog mange. You know how we have eczema and such like? Well, dogs, too, suffer from skin diseases known as dog mange and this is actually quite common amongst all types of dogs- especially around the summer. These types of dog mange have similar effects upon the dog’s skin and when dog mange is seen, it is pretty much understood that you need to do something to help cure the dog.

One of the many types of dog mange is the red mange which is also known as the demodectic mange. Red skin patches can be seen under the dog’s neck and this is due to the growth of mites within the hair follicles of the dog which can be quite dangerous for the dog. If you see your dog itching itself too frequently be sure to check for such mange. Some believe that these types of dog mange are hereditary while others believe it is because of environmental factors and such like. Though the mange is not contagious, it is best not to breed a dog such as this with any other dog because the chances of the mange reoccurring in the puppies are quite high.

Ear mites are considered to be one of the many types of dog mange but that is because they do affect the skin of the outer ear of the dog. This occurs due to contagious mites and unlike the red mange, it is not hereditary and is believed to be infectious. Your dog can only get it if it is exposed to the Otodectes cynotis mite and these occur in other dogs. A human can never be affected by these types of dog mange.

You know how leprosy was once thought to be the worst diseases in humans? Well, some types of dog mange are believed to be just as bad as leprosy, if not worse and the sarcoptic mange is one such mange. Dog owners often get very sad and scared to see such mange because they know their dogs are doing pretty poorly. What happens is that the mites literally burrow deep into the skin of the dog, lay their eggs their and then, when the eggs hatch, the process of repeated all over again. These types of dog mange may convince the dog owner to put their dogs to sleep because this mange is highly contagious in humans and other types of dogs as well.

The walking dandruff is also one of the many types of dog mange that are actually quite disgusting because you can literally see the mites move around your dog’s coat with your naked eye. They are very contagious and humans and dogs can both be infected by these types of dog mange. These commonly can be seen to occur in dog kennels and puppies that come from ‘mills’. They have a lifespan of about 3 weeks.