Types Of Dog Hair

Different dogs have different types of dog hair which is why you will also come across dogs with different types of coats- because their hair forms their coats. In some cases, some dogs have very little or small hair and these dogs have different types of dog hair. Other dogs, with longer hair, have longer hair coats because the types of dog hair that these dogs have are much longer than that of other dogs and this is natural. Nothing can be done to change the types of dog hair that any dogs have.

One of the many types of dog hair is the wiry kind. If you notice, these dogs also have wiry coats. The disadvantage of these types of dog hair is that they tend to attract fleas and ticks. When such dogs sweat there is a particular odor that attracts these types of insects and that is why you will also see that these dogs often itch themselves in the summers. To groom these dogs you need to cut their hair and keep them short in the summers or shave them so that they can move and sleep comfortably.

Then, there are those types of dog hair that are short and do not grow much. These types of dog hair also form a smooth coat and generally taking care of them isn’t as difficult as those with wiry coats. Though ticks and fleas do get attracted to these dogs, one can see and get rid of them easily, and brushing their coats would make it easy for you to find and get rid of these ticks and fleas. Bathing them every once in a while would help too. Labradors are examples of dogs with these types of dog hair.

There are those types of dog hair that make thick coats. The problem with dogs with thick coats is that they can only survive in places where the temperature is low and so you would have to put on the air-conditioners at all times or shaving off these types of dog hair would be a good idea too. It would be better to do so around springtime so that once the winters are near, your dog’s hair would grow back and would be able to protect it from cold temperatures too.

There are some types of dog hair that you would come across. You need to be very careful when taking care of your dog because these types of dog hair would really affect any and every dog. Naturally dogs are made with different coats and types of dog hair because of the fact that they have been made in such a way but it would be important to ensure that you take good care of them. In the extreme temperatures you need to take the right measures to ensure that they stay alive.

Frequently dogs get feverish and die due to climatic conditions because of the fact that their owners do not understand the need and importance of looking after their dogs’ hair and coats.