Types Of Insects

What are types of insects? Insects are invertebrates. Insect’s body is made of three parts: the head, the thorax and the abdomen. The head has two antennas, eye and mouth device which takes the place of mouth. The thorax insects is always have a three pairs of legs. Most types of insects developed important changes during their lives. These changes of form and activities the insects undergo during their development are called metamorphosis.

Insect size varies greatly varying in length from 0.2 mm (Mymaridae, Hymenoptera) and 350 mm (Micadina phictenoides, Phasmida). Most types of insects are harmful to human and animals. Certainly, larvae and adults devour potato plants, leaves and tree trunks, fruit trees and much more. In addition, some species of mosquitoes, bugs, flies are large carriers of diseases and infections. On the contrary, other types of insects are very useful to man. For example, ladybugs feed with insect pests. Without good bugs who eat`s the bad, harmful; many crops would be destroyed. Insects play an important role in plant life. For example they provide pollination of a large number of cultivated plants useful to man.

When an insect sits on a flower, she takes with her grains of pollen which is fixed on the body and legs. When flying on another flower of the same species, she leaves a part of pollen there, and so takes place the fecundation. That’s why insects such as bee are useful. In the first place, the bee produce wax and honey. Silkworms are used to manufacture the silk; they were discovered by more than 4000 years in China. Finally, several people feed with some types of insects. Some types of insects may be perceive ultraviolet light, invisible to people.

What for us is a butterfly of a dull white, for butterfly male is different. In the world of insects, sounds and smells are used often to find a partner. Almost every species play different roles. Some of them are quiet strange,like moths, for example,who ensures salt and humidity, absolutely necessary for their life, sucking buffalo tears. Other types of insects, endowed with a strong anti-freeze, who populate snowy peaks of the mountains and spend their lives digging after bugs that have died of cold. Speaking about ants ,them don`t have a ruler is a particularly remarkable .Taking into account that some colonies of ants can count more than 20 million members! And yet, this “metropolis” of insects is working perfectly, each ant has her own role established, so that entire colony is providing food, protection and shelter.

Perhaps the most impressive example of shelter for insects is the termite’s mound. Some of these mounds have a height of 7.5 meters. These architectural wonders are equipped with sophisticated air conditioning and with underground gardens of mushrooms. But most amazing is that the termites that build these castles are blind!

About 30% of our food depends on the pollination performed by bees, most of which are wild. Insects keep earth clean through an efficient system of recycling the dead plants and animals. In this way, soil is fertilized, and nutritional substances resulting from here help plant growth.