Types Of Dog Coats

Every dog and breed has different types of dog coats just as every human being has his or her own hair and genetic makeup. Different types of dog coats enable different types of dogs to live and survive in different climates and temperatures and if they aren’t cared for, these creatures can die because their coats and how their coats are dealt with can either help them live in different weathers and temperatures or, if not cared for, they can eventually die as well. These types of dog coats also add to the beauty and elegance of a dog.

Smooth coats are amongst the many types of dog coats. Since their coats are smooth, these dogs do not need to be bathed too often and taking care of these dogs isn’t very difficult either. They just need to be bathed every once in a while. Using a bristle brush would be a good idea. You do not need any other type of brush because these dogs have smooth coats and so, brushing them with brushes that are used for dogs with long coats wouldn’t make sense either. It’d be like brushing the hair of someone with a crew cut or no hair!

Certain types of dog coats are extremely thick and grooming these types of dogs can be a little more time-consuming as opposed to smooth coated dogs. They have thick coats and so you need to keep them in rooms that are properly air-conditioned and cool because they might actually get fever and die. These types of dog coats are known as double coats and they must be shampooed and conditioned so that their coats are soft and their fur is shiny. Also, you would need to use a comb so that any knots that are made can be unwound and the dog is shiny and clean.

Then there are those types of dog coats that are like wires. These dogs need to be groomed often because their coats can really irritate them and what’s worse is that they attract ticks and fleas which is why you will often see wire coated dogs scratching themselves. You need to thin out their coats in the summers so that they are comfortable. Better yet, you could just shave off their fur so that they feel good and you would be able to so ticks and fleas on them much more easily.

Dogs with curly types of dog coats are similar to those with wire coats except they are even more difficult to maintain and sometimes owners just do not want to shave off the fur because of the fact that their coats make them look good and attractive. However, the problem is that these dogs can get affected by fleas, and ticks easily too. Ticks and fleas thrive in the coats of dogs with thick, wiry and curly coats because the temperature is warm and they can easily hide and suck the dog’s blood or cause irritation in them. Again, you will frequently see dogs with these types of dog coats itching themselves.