Types Of Computers Software

Computer has two main parts without which it is incomplete. Hardware parts are physical components of the computers and the software that enables us to perform the tasks on the hardware’s. Different types of computers software are used by the customers. These are like languages and you can use software in any language. All the types of computer software are made in Java, C++, and C hash, PHP, visual basic and many advanced languages. There are three main types of software’s that are used. Some are used on professional level and few and used by general public. System software’s, Application software’s and programming software’s are the three main categories. Let’s discuss these types of computers software in detail.

First type system software is also called operating system. These systems are designed to translate the user input into a language that is understandable by the computer. System software coordinate with the hardware and it tells the machine what is written by the users, these types of system software’s are available in various forms in markets. Companies like Microsoft have developed the latest operating system software for the users. The mostly used types of computers software are graphical based windows. Generally users buy operating systems windows. Until now all the latest versions are available. The new of this is windows 8 which is fast and covers all the drawbacks of its previous versions of system software. Vista is the least used system software. UNIX and Linux are the professional software that are not used commonly they have special commands like Dos operating software. In most of the professional environments UNIX is used.

Other types of computer software are the application software. All the computer users know about this software these are used to perform several tasks, games and various data management task re performed through application software. Microsoft office soft that includes MS word and excel are the most used application software. Internet browsing is nothing without application software. You can’t browse if you have no explorer. Either you use Mozilla, Google chrome or Opera browser each of these are the types of computers software. Image editing software including Photoshop, Picasa and various then are also application software. Anti-virus and media players are also fall into this category. For managing task and internet form filling various software’s is used. . It means all the software’s that are used for daily task fall into the category of application computer software’s.

Third types of computers software is the programming language software. But these software’s are used by professionally trained programmers. These programmers used this software to build various applications you used daily. All the programming software is used to create new games and latest applications that are used worldwide. Some developed free applications and some are paid. C++ and Java are mostly used system software’s. You can build a fast and high speed graphical game through your programming software. PHP is the latest language that is used for mobile and internet applications. Programmers built latest mobile and internet applications through this software.