Types Of Computers

What are the different types of computers? We use computers every day. This is why this generation is called the computer technology generation. This is mainly because these days, in everything we do there is a computer involved. No matter where we go, we need a computer to do something. This is why computers have been evolving. This is why there are many different types of computers born. There are three main types of computers, the operational principle, processing power, and the personal computer.

On the operational principle category, we have three types of computers – analog, digital, and hybrid. The analog types of computers are the traditional computing machines. They are made for one purpose which is to compute. You see, this is why the computers are made, to aid in processing multiple mathematical operations. This is what analog computers do. Digital computers are computers that work by commands that are based on two digits: zero and one wherein zero is off and one is on. Commands are based on a series of ones and zeros. They are programmed into the computer so that a command will be executed. Third types of computers in this category are the hybrid computers. These are computers that use both analog and digital ways to perform tasks. The computers basically are programmed with the zeros and ones then the signals are sent as analog signals and converted.

The second classification of the types of computers is composed of two types – mainframe computers and microcomputers. Mainframe computers are the supercomputers. They are the big ones that have the capabilities to do so many different things. These are the types of computers that are used to process bulk data. They are the ones that are able to host many operating systems at a time. They are also the ones that can act as small servers that host multiple computers. Microcomputers, on the other hand, are computers that run on a microprocessor. These are basically your personal computers. They are smaller devices than the mainframes as they can fit on tables and desks.

The third classification of the types of computers, personal computers, are of many type – desktops, laptops, netbook, supercomputers, wearable computers, and many others. Desktops are your everyday computer. They are the types of computers you see being used at households and offices. Laptops are portable desktops. They perform almost the same things that a desktop can do. The main difference is that laptops run on batteries that can be recharged. Netbooks are laptops that are smaller and inexpensive. They function much like laptops as well but they have less computing power.

Supercomputers, on the other hand, are computers that perform tasks that are calculation intensive. These are the computers used in advanced fields of math and science such as quantum physics, molecular theory, and mechanics. Wearable computers are computers that can be worn in the body. They are mainly used to study and research about how the human body operates. This is why the most common people you see using these are on the military and the medical fields.