Types Of Cat Scans

Various body parts need different types of Cat Scans (Computed Axial Tomography) or CT scan (Computed Tomography). It is a medical imaging of a body part which helps in diagnosing various diseases in the human body. Cat scan produces data which may be medically explained and also treated. Even if you use any or all the different types of Cat Scans, the basic technology and purpose remains the same. There are various types of Cat Scans discussed below which will help you in many ways-

Abdominal Cat Scan- As a CAT scan or a CT scan gives an elaborate look inyo the body of a human being, it is better than the traditional X-Rays. Abdominal CAT scan looks at and X-Rays the abdominal and pelvic parts of the body. It is ordered by doctors so as to diagnose the cause of pain or tumour or infections.

Bile Duct Cat Scan- Various types of Cat Scans also consists of bile duct CT scans. This Cat scan gives detailed data and information of the biliary tract and bile duct. Bile is the juice which helps in digestion of food in the intestines. The scan diagnoses the blockage and obstruction of the bile duct. Cat scans for bile duct also helps in diagnosing tumours and lesions, injuries in the gallbladder and connecting parts.

Head Cat Scan- Brain or head CAT scan is one of the types of Cat Scans which helps to know in detail the cause of pain or head ache. It helps to diagnose the problem inside the head, cause of internal bleeding, tumours, stroke or a mass. It is also done to know in detail about skull fractures. It is very helpful in saving the life of an individual because without the scan, performing an operation is almost impossible.

Neck Cat Scan- This scan helps to view and know in detail the various parts of the neck, throat, muscles, tonsils, airways, thyroid, adenoids, and other glands. It is also used to view blood vessels and the damage caused to them. It is helpful in the treatment of neck fractures.

Liver Cat Scan- among the various types of Cat Scans liver cat scan is one of the most important. It helps to check the causes of bleeding and diagnoses tumours and cancers in the liver. Other diseases are also covered in it. Sometimes bile duct CT scan also includes liver CT scan as they are related parts.

Chest Cat Scan- This CT scan is done to know about the problems relating to lungs, oesophagus, heart and the related tissues and organs. This is very important in diagnosing lung cancer and tumours. Cat scan for the chest also sometimes includes upper abdomen, liver and the connecting organs.

Urinary Tract Cat Scan- This type of CT scan is also known as CT urogram or CT KUB. It is done to diagnose kidney stones and reasons for urinary tract blockage. It also includes CT IVP (intravenous pyelogram) which very effectively finds kidney stones.

All the above types of Cat Scans are very helpful in diagnosing various types of diseases and fractures.