Types Of Cat

What are the different types of cats? Cats are such lovable creatures. They are loyal, playful and really cute, too. This is why there are many people out there who love cats. But do you know that there are many different types of cat around? Each of these types of cat carries different traits, too. Some of them may be aggressive, some territorial, some just cuddly and very lovable. Well, if you want to know more about the many different types of cat, read on.

Probably the most common types of cat around are the Siamese. The Siamese cats are those that are very intelligent and striking. They are known for being able to communicate their needs to their owners very well, not just by purring but with their body language as well. They are very social too, and they are dependent on their owners as they want to be part of every activity you do around them.

The Himalayan is the favorite types of cat of many cat lovers. This is because they are indeed very furry and cuddly. The thing is that the Himalayan has traits from their Siamese genes but they are more easygoing and relaxed than them. They are quiet too, unlike the Siamese. They are very playful and affectionate to their owners.

Among all the types of cat, Persian cats are the most sweet tempered and placid. They may not be as active as the Himalayan and the Siamese, but they are very intelligent and loyal. They normally crave for their owner’s attention and they love to be petted as much as possible. The thing about owning Persian cats is that you will need to commit quite a lot of your time to them. Their coat is very lovely but it requires work. Therefore, make sure that you have all the grooming tools to ensure your Persian will be kept fluffy and cuddly at all times.

If there are Siberian dogs, there are also Siberian cats. They are the most affectionate of the many types of cat. They have a strong fascination with water, unlike most other cats. They also have the ability to solve their problems as they are known to be quite intelligent too. But most of all, people love to have Siberian cats because of their agility and playfulness.

The Sphinxes are types of cat that is not that lovable and cuddly, compared to the other types, the Sphinx are hairless and thin. Many even think that this type of cat is part monkey because of their traits. They are very lively and playful, but their need for attention is quite great too. Among all the types of cats, the Sphinx is one that is like an acquired taste. It is not for everyone, but the people who own them love them to bits.

The last types of cat that we are going to tackle are the Turkish Angoras. This is the type that is strongly attached to their masters. They entreat strong responses in their masters as their masters get closer to them. Among all the many different types of cat the Angoras are the ones who love attention the most, as they will not be happy unless they are in the middle of their master’s activities.