Types Of Diseases

What are the different types of diseases? As humans, we are prone to getting diseases and illnesses. This is why it is important that we know the many different types of diseases so we can effectively try to avoid getting them. Also, the knowledge about these types of diseases will allow us to understand the many different first aid tricks that we can do in cases that we unfortunately get them.

Cancers are very dreadful types of diseases. They are traitors, as they usually manifest during the late stages already. The process of how cancer spreads is by allowing its cells to divide and grow, thus, destroying the many tissues of the body. The worst part about cancer is that it can destroy all and any part of a human’s body. Hence, cancer should be avoided as much as possible. Some common types of cancer are bladder, breast, liver, lung, and even throat.

Next to the many types of diseases are viral infections. These are diseases that are spread usually by air. Viruses are mechanisms that survive and multiply in their chosen host – in this case, humans – and in the long run cause their host to get sick. Some common types of viral infections include colds, flus, measles, chickenpox, and many others.

Third, we have bacterial infections. These are the types of diseases that are caused by contacting bacteria. Bacteria are microorganisms that can be found anywhere, and they are usually harmful to the human body. Some of the most common types of bacterial infections include strep, meningitis, Lyme, pneumonia, tetanus, and many others.

Digestive diseases are types of diseases that target specifically the digestive system. There are quite a lot of types of diseases under the digestive illnesses. These diseases include irritable bowel, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, gallstones, and many others.

Thyroid diseases are also one of the many types of diseases. They are diseases that target the thyroid gland in specific, disrupting the production of the hormones that controls the metabolism of the body. Some thyroid diseases are hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypopituitarism, and goiters.

Blood diseases are types of diseases that can be found in the blood. They can be caused by a multitude of factors as they are also many different kinds of it. For instance, we have anemia. Anemia occurs when there is not much healthy red blood cells in the blood. Anemia has sub types, too. This long list includes sickle cell, aplastic, and iron deficiency. Bacteremia, on the other hand, is a disease where there are bacteria present in the blood. This is usually caused by needle sharing and unhygienic dental procedures. Another type of blood disease is septicemia. These are blood disease caused by infections all over the body. When one is diagnosed with this, it is important that treatment and medication are given right away as this can be deadly.

Lastly, we have sexually transmitted diseases. As the name implies, these are diseases that are transmitted via sexual intercourse or any other sexual acts. The long list of STDs include syphilis, HPV or human papillomavirus, herpes, HIV, and AIDS.