Types Of Careers In Social Work

Social workers play a very important role in people’s lives, and there are different types of careers in social work. They include family service jobs, public health, drug abuse counseling, and mental health treatment. These people help people overcome difficult life challenges such as domestic abuse, bankruptcy, homelessness, drug abuse problems, and developmental disabilities. Social workers are typically knowledgeable about ethics, have good communication skills, and are passionate listeners. The following are the different types of careers in social work.

Family Services Jobs

Family service workers are responsible for providing resources and counseling to individuals who find it difficult to keep a healthy relationship. They help single parents solve their problems through family counseling, initiating marriage, and helping them find financial assistance. These types of careers in social work equally involve helping the children get over their school, behavioral, or social problems. Many of the family services social workers can be seen in government agencies, especially human and health service departments. Some of them are specialized in child right protection and employed to investigate neglect or abuse by parents or guardians. Some family service jobs also require the workers to help arrange for adoptions or place the child/children in foster homes.

Some other workers specialize in nonprofit groups, schools, and counseling practices. Though people involve in these types of careers in social work are required to do their jobs in an office, sometimes they may be needed to visit their clients or travel out for meetings

Healthcare Jobs

This is one of the most common types of careers in social work. Healthcare workers can work in hospices, nursing homes, hospitals, and several related institutions. Their main duty is to help individuals deal with situations in their lives that were the result of serious health conditions. Someone who is disabled will need help getting healthcare services, employment, finding housing. This is where a healthcare social worker comes in. There are some social workers employed to take care of senior citizens. Their duties include ensuring that those that cannot take care of themselves are properly cared for. Those ones working in hospices help people suffering from serious health conditions that will require them to take critical decisions. Someone with an Alzheimer’s disease will need special care and attention to help him/her cope through the physical and emotional trauma that it may cause.

Substance Abuse and mental health Jobs

Drug abuse can destabilize an individual’s psychological, social, and emotional health. People involved in these types of careers in social work help those who are finding it difficult to deal with their conditions and stay free of drugs. Apart from drugs, those who are not mentally healthy can receive help from mental health workers. These types of careers in social work are available in prisons, veterans’ hospitals, and mental health facilities. Social workers who provide this service always give counseling services and represent their clients to enable them get legal or social services. They also work with the families of their clients in order to understand their conditions better.