Types Of Careers In Law

There are different types of careers in law and they are classified based on their earnings, job outlook, training, qualification, and work conditions. Some of them include include Attorney, court reporter, corrections officer, legal assistant, judge, legal secretary, and forensic scientist.


Attorneys or what we normally refer to lawyers have two main responsibilities in law. First, they have the duty to give legal advice to organizations and individuals on how to prevent getting into legal problems. They do this by letting them know their rights and responsibilities. The second duty of an attorney is to provide legal counsel in case their clients get into trouble. People in these types of careers in law are always involved in research, writing of briefs, preparation of documents, and interviewing witnesses and parties involved in the legal problems. There are some lawyers that work for corporations and government agencies while many others work in private establishments. Some of them are specialized in the writing of contracts and will while others focus on specific fields such as tax law, international law, environmental law, contact law, family law, property law, labor law, and criminal law. There are some lawyers that become judges while other groups of lawyers prefer impacting their knowledge on students in universities and colleges.

Types of careers in law – Corrections Officer

These are equally called prison guards and are vested with the responsibility of keeping the correctional facility or prison secured. They are responsible for supervising prisoners as they take part in recreation, attend educational classes, sleep, and eat.

They equally provide security when they prisoners are on transit to their correctional facilities and when they receive visitors.

Types of careers in law – Court Reporter

These are responsible for keeping records for court proceedings. It entails that they take record of every word mentioned in the court. They are specially trained to be very fast at dictating and taking records of what is said at the court. All appellate courts make their pronouncements or judgments based on what is said at the trail court. In the same vein, the appeal court equally voice their opinion based on the arguments on appeal and what is written on the trial court. Therefore the proper performance of the court reporters has a huge effect on an efficient judicial system, because a statement that is written wrongly can affect the outcome of the judgment.

The duty of people in these types of careers in law also involves taking down interrogations, depositions, and other areas of pre-trial proceedings. They are equally required to take note of things that are said during public hearings.

Types of careers in law – Forensic Scientist

The job of a forensic scientist is to gather and analyze evidence from a crime scene. They are responsible for analyzing fingerprints, firearms, drugs, semen, saliva, blood, and the reconstruction of skeletal bones. After the collection of these evidences, they report to attorneys and law enforcement agencies and preserve the evidence for testimony in court.

The job of forensic scientist is very critical in determining the guilt or innocence of a suspect. In some cases, forensic evidence can be the sole factor that will determine how a case is judged.