Types Of Animals Found In The Tropical Rainforest

The types of animals found in the tropical rainforest provide the habitat with a tremendously rich variety. Almost half the species of the world’s animals live in the tropical rainforests and there are distinct animals found in various nations. The largest species that is found in the tropical rainforests is the insects with 50 million different kinds available.

With the warmth that is found in the tropical rainforests, animals find the place quite habitable. There is enough food and water never lacks. The animals can protect themselves from the heat because of shades and they are protected from the water because of shelters.

Among the types of animals found in the tropical rainforest are the large alligator reptiles and the amphibians that live on water in their nascent stages an on land as adults. The anaconda which is the world’s biggest snake is of particular note. There are many spices of ants too that live in the forest.

Other types of animals found in the tropical rainforest include primates such as the gorilla, the chimpanzee, the bonobo, the orangutan, the gibbon and the siamang. The Asian bug and the bat form part of the ecosystem. There is also the binturong and many types of birds in the tropical rainforest.

There are a number of butterflies that thrive in these forests as well as the caiman crocodile. The world’s largest rodent known as the capybara also makes this place its habitat. Caterpillars, the caped lizards, the cokoo, the dragon fly and the emerald trea boa are part of the eco system. The frilled lizard, a number of frog spices and the jaguar are also other types of animals found in the tropical rainforest.

The red eyed tree frog is of particular note as is the ocelot wild cat that is found in the tropical rainforest in the Americas. The man eating fish known as the piranha are natives of the South American tropical rainforests as is the owl, the quetzal and serval which us an African log legged wild cat. The skipper, the sloth, the tarsier, the swallowtail butterfly the tiger, the toucan bird and xenops bird are also inhabitants of the tropical rainforest.

Other types of animals found in the tropical rainforest that are of note include the turtle, the bearded pig, the Brazilian tapir, the capybara, the common tree shrew, the crested guan and the flying dragon lizard. The Indian cobra, the slow Loris, the vine snake, the golden lion tamarin and the poison dart frog are other types of animals found in the tropical rainforest. Generally there are mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects in the rain forests and some species are yet to be discovered.

While many types of animals found in the tropical rainforest, they can be classified in terms of large cats such as the jaguar and the cougar which are predator animals. The African predators are the leopards and in South Asia you will find tigers, leopards and the apex. There are primate species in central and Southern America and also in Africa and Southern Asia. There are reptiles such as snakes in Africa and Asia’s pythons and bushmasters and coral snakes that are found in Central and Southern America. Cobras are found in Africa and Asia and there will always be crocodiles and alligators in the Americas, Asia and Africa.