Types Of Birds

What are the different types of birds? Birds are magnificent creatures. They come in all sizes and kinds. There are actually more than 10,000 types of birds out there. And of course, each of them differs from one another. Here are a few of the well-known types of birds.

The first of the well-known types of birds are avocets. There are actually four types of Avocets that can be found across the world. The most distinguishing features of avocets is that they are long legged and that they have webbed feet. Also, their bill is upturned and thin. These types of birds are known to live in colonies, large ones in fact. They are also the types that can get really defensive and aggressive if they feel threatened.

The bald eagles are the types of birds that are commonly found in marshes. They are also commonly seen when there are coastlines. These birds can be distinguished because of their broad wings as well as broad tail. Their tail and their head are white. These birds most commonly prey on ducks, raccoons, rabbits, fish, gulls, reptiles, and many others.

The catbirds are the types of birds that are known to often imitate the sounds made by other birds. They are usually gray and they have some chestnut shade under the tails. There are actually many different kinds of catbirds that can be seen around the world. There are green catbirds, white eared catbirds, gray catbirds, tooth billed catbird, and many others.

Doves are pretty much one of the most common types of birds. They are small pigeon like birds that have longer tails. They are found around the world and most commonly used as a symbol of romance. Also, these types of birds are most commonly used as a symbol of peace. These birds feed on plants, seeds and fruits to be able to survive.

Flamingos are the types of birds that are pink and that have a unique beak. They are commonly seen living in large colonies much like the avocets. They are known to be able to eliminate mud through their beaks. They do this to ensure that the food they eat is muddles.

We all know what geese are. These are the kinds of birds that are found around the world. There are many different types of geese and they can be domesticated quite easily. They are migratory birds and they travel from one place to another depending on the season.

Herons are the types of birds that resemble the spoonbills and the storks. They are also called bittens or egrets. These birds prey on fish and other aquatic animals. Hence, they are most commonly found in wetlands.

Kingfishers are huge birds that are commonly found in wetlands as well. They are great divers as this is how they catch their prey. Their main distinguishing features are their pointed bills. This is what they use to catch the fishes when they dive in rivers.

There are many different kinds of birds all over the world – name it, and you will surely find one that you will like and love.