Types Of Zumba

Zumba is very interesting and exciting dance and fitness program introduced by Colombian dancer. It includes dance as well as aerobics steps which attracts people. It is fun to do dance along with exercise. The Zumba moves includes many types of dance forms which make it more interesting. Zumba is now popular in many parts of the world, and almost 14 million people takes Zumba classes weekly. In this article, we will discuss different dance forms used in Zumba, types of Zumba and how it is performed. The major advantage of Zumba fitness program is they sell their videos and products without charging any money to fitness centers and gyms.

In this fitness program, different dance forms of different cultures are merging together to make a new and trendy moves along with shape and fitness. Zumba choreography includes forms like hip-hop, samba, salsa, mambo, martial arts, merengue, Bollywood and belly dancing.

There are many different types of Zumba which are classified on the basis of length of program, way and mode of exercise, moves and impact. Here are some types of Zumba discussed in detail.

Regular Zumba

Regular Zumba includes basic exercise which is done many fitness centers and gyms. In this type of Zumba you have to do a mixture of every dance form without being formal and structured. The choreography includes basis Latin dance forms and hip-hop, you don’t have to follow other or don’t need to be perfect in your steps, just keep moving on the fast beats. People from any age bracket can enroll themselves in regular Zumba classes.

Zumba gold

You will people with more energy and stamina in regular types of Zumba classes but in this type of class only selected people can get themselves enrolled. Older people who have little less energy to jump and keep moving continuously but still want to be fit and smart can join this fitness class. Special trained instructors are hired in these classes to help those people to perform Zumba. It’s like a beginner program for older people; it can be perform without getting up even.

Zumba toning

These are very interesting sets of exercise performed in such types of Zumba classes. It includes body shaping exercises with some prop. Zumba stick or dumbbells has been used in some of the steps which help in molding the body into a perfect shape. The sticks are light weighted and can be carried easily along with many dance forms.


This type of Zumba classes is for kids to make them active and healthy. Certain sets of exercise and dance like hip hop, cumbia and reggaeton which is fun for kids and it makes them active. The music chosen for such types of Zumba act is usually hard rock. The kids of 4 to 12 years can participate in zumbatomic.

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is one of the most challenging types of Zumba fitness class which can be only performed by people who have the strength and stamina. This is performed under the deep water where no one can see you dancing if you are conscious about your body. It increases the difficulty level to the point where they have to dance and move with the beat under the water.