Types Of Zebrafish

Though small, the zebrafish is a very friendly fish which makes it the perfect beginner fish. It is very common and can be seen in several aquariums the world over. The different types of zebrafish are breed in large numbers and both local and imported specimens are available to be breed in aquariums. Their easiness to breed, cold resistance, and hardiness make them the ideal breeding fishes for anyone.

They are home to eastern Asia and other types of zebrafish can equally be seen in Burma, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and some parts of India. Their most common habitats are rice fields, stagnant ponds, and streams. But today, several types of zebrafish can be found in different regions in the world, including Colombia, Australia, and the United States.

There are different types of zebrafish available apart from their regular form, including leopard dinos, sandy zebrafish, golden zebrafish, albino zebrafish, and long finned zebrafish.

The long finned types of zebrafish are very useful for scientific research as they have similar vertebrate composition as rats and mice. They have proven to be very useful in research as they provide basics for more medical discoveries. The albino types of zebrafish are the brightest and are very curious species.

The leopard dinos is the most flexible of all types of zebrafish and can easily adapt in any environment. This is why you can find them in different types of waters, streams, and aquariums. So, your aquarium can be properly designed to accommodate other kinds of fishes you’ll keep apart from the zebrafish.

The zebra specie will relate well with other kinds of fishes you decide to keep in your aquarium. But you must incorporate them with fishes that are small so they don’t regard the zebrafish as food. The different types of zebrafish prefer to stay in water that is slightly acidic or neutral.

The zebrafish are not difficult to feed because they are omnivorous. They will eat almost all types of food that fishes eat which makes life easier for the fish keeper. However, they thrive best on flake foods that are of high quality. This does not mean you can give them food supplements mixed with different nutritious diets. The diet may be composed of flake foods but other foods such as vegetables and frozen foods can be included as well. The sexuality of the zebrafish is equally very easy to spot. Males are smaller and sleeker while females are fatter and larger. One very odd thing about the zebra fish is their lack of parental concern as they can easily eat their eggs immediately they are dropped.

Breeding of the zebrafish can either be in pairs or in groups. Pairing them while breeding will always produce better results since some of the fish in the group are prone to eating their fry. The best way to ensure that the fry is large is by ensuring that the males are kept separate from the females in different aquariums. Since the fry are tiny, they should be given rotifers or infusorians until they are big enough to feed on artemia nauplier.