Types Of Xbox

Microsoft had already taken over the world of computers, when it decided to take over the world of gaming also. The first out of many types of Xbox was released for the first time in November 15 2001 in the United States, and a few months later it was also released in Japan, Europe, and Australia (a few years earlier the Atari Jaguar had stopped producing its own gaming console).

The first of all the types of Xbox was the Xbox live, where the ‘live’ part stood as a reminder that the console could be connected to the internet, thus taking the gaming experience one step further to the world of online gaming. The Xbox live, along with Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Nintendo‘s GameCube belonged to what came to be called the sixth-generation era. In time, Xbox and PlayStation 2 became the sole competitors in the market, with xbox reaching a peak at 2004 with the release of Halo 2 (probably the most successful game ever for the Xbox console).

The next step to the evolution of Microsoft consoles was the Xbox 360, which was made available on May 12 2005. Microsoft actually manufactured four types of Xbox 360, each one being an upgraded version of the previous types of Xbox. The console realesed in 2005 was called Xbox 360 Core, a model that was soon replaced by the Xbox 360 Arcade. The advantage of this model was that it included a wireless controller, which gave the user the opportunity to stand up to 6 meters away from the console and move freely without having to worry about cables; it also had greater memory capacity, plus it had an HDMI output, which practically meant that the cable transfering the image from your console to your tv was the best possible. The Xbox 360 Arcade, had also a ‘family setting’ tab, which could be used by parents to restrict or deny gaming access to children. The Xbox 360 Arcade was, in turn replaced, by the xbox 360 premium, which basically offered the user a 60 GB hard drive that could be used to ‘save’ an enormous amount of gaming data. The last of the three types of Xbox 360 is the Xbox 360 Elite. This console had a storage capacity of 120 GB, it had a slightly different/modern/elegant design, and surprisingly enough it cost less than the other types of Xbox 360.

Because of the success that that the Xbox 360 enjoyed, Microsoft is planning to launch a new gaming console in 2014. The Xbox One (as it will be called), will be far more advanced from previous types of Xbox, and it is designed to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nitendo‘s Wii U, which are also to be released in 2014. The console will have an impressive hard drive that can store up to 500 GB of gaming data, 8 GB of RAM, Blue-Ray drive, and of course HDMI input and output. Given how fun the previous types of Xbox have been, Xbox One is definitely something to look forward to in the year to come.