Types Of Xbox 360

This is a video game that was produced specifically for Microsoft. It was an upgrade to its predecessor and has seen many types produced. These are:

The Xbox 360 Pro– This particular type of console was characterized many changes and was launched in 2007. It is also referred to as Xbox 360 Premium. It was an upgrade from its predecessor with the biggest changes in its hard drive which saw an increment of the memory to 60GB. The previous Xbox 360 had only 20GB. Hybrid video cable, wireless controllers and wired headsets are also other recommendable changes that came with the Xbox 360 Pro. During upgrade all the other models were left out but only Pro remained. Having been sold as early as 2005, the Pro adopted a different processor altogether (Falcon, an upgrade from the previous Zephyr) compared to its Core counterpart.

The Xbox 360 Live Arcade– It is also called the Xbox 360 Core and was the first on to be launched in this game console. It took the world by a great storm as people went crazy over it with significant record sales. It was also the successor to the Xbox and was the initial 360 to be made. It had wired controls for the gamer and supported the 1080p resolution. However, it used an external hard drive and the gamer could also use an HDMI cable and an output of 1080i HDTV. The cable was for external use.

The Xbox 360 Core – This was a continuation of the previously made Xbox 360 Arcade which was the original version. It was released in 2007 and only used internal flash memory contrary to the external hard drive that was used in the Arcade. Another significant development was that wireless controllers were adopted but it just had the Xbox Live Arcade games. Compared to the previous this console was very cheap because of not much changes in that there was no extra added hard drive space. However its production is still on but with a different name, Xbox 360 S Arcade. It uses an internal memory of 4GB.

The Xbox 360 Elite – It came in a different matte white finish contrary to the matte black finish of the previous models. Launched in 2007, 360 Elite had its hard drive up to 120GB which was a significant upgrade compared to the other versions. However, there were also more production two years after which even saw additional memory space to a 250GB drive as the name also changed to The Xbox 360 Super Elite and had a faster cooling technique. With all the changes the color was retained except for additional games better games. It was released in 2009.

The Xbox 360 S – This is just awesome with many breakthroughs in the gaming world. As its memory size was retained at 250GB for the hard drive, Xbox 360 S had Wi-Fi connectivity. However, a much lower priced version was also developed with a memory of 4GB. This was also a constituent of the Xbox 360 Arcade version. Other features were the reduction of the cooling fans to one, USB support, integrated hard disk and a highly sensitive game controller buttons. The motion sensing platform was also change to Microsoft Kinect. Most features in this model had never been in the gaming platform before and that is why it still stands out from the rest.