Types Of Writing Activities

When it comes to writing one normally tends to think about the typical process of lifting a pen or pencil and just writing when they get homework or when they absolutely have to write like in tests or for assignments. There are so many types of writing activities and not all of them require you to sit down and write things that you feel like you have to write. Everything you seen on television is the product of one the many types of writing activities which is screenwriting after all! You may even write something that you want to write. Some people may discover that they have a knack for writing via different types of writing activities.

There are different types of writing activities. You may be asked to write about something or someone in descriptive style. This form of writing focuses less on conversation or dialogue between characters and more on how the writer is able to explain the character and his or her surroundings. Metaphors and descriptive words may be used to explain the surroundings or the characters. Similes may be used as well. This type of writing stresses upon description. A good example of an author who uses a lot of description is Oscar Wilde who has focused a lot on description in his book, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Another of the many types of writing activities involves persuading your reader about something. This may require you to adopt a certain tone where you are able to convince the reader that what you believe, say or think is write and that your opinion is the right one. This type of writing is used by a lot of people nowadays. So, you may, for example, be someone supporting the need for gay rights in the world and in order to convince your readers, fans, opponents and people in the legislature you have to convince them that what you believe is write to have an influence over them or their thoughts and decisions regarding gay rights.

Of all types of writing activities, perhaps one of the most lucrative forms of writing is content writing. Content writing basically involves writing about a specific product. You know the infomercials that come up online or the commercials that you see on television? Companies hire content writers to write something about their products in order to attract people to the product so that they buy it. Naturally when a customer buys something, the company benefits as its profitability increases and that is what content writing is all about- convincing customers that they should or need a product.

These are just some of the many types of writing activities and each of them is important in their own way. Different types of writing activities would help you in your future. You could build a career in writing. Journalists and writers make quite a lot of money and there are different types of writing styles that are required in different fields, industries and companies.