Types Of Writing Styles

There are mainly four types of writing styles through which an author can reveal his personality as well as his perceptions about the audience. A writing style is dependent upon the topic you are writing on and this topic will then help you adopt a style that can go with it. Thus the four types of writing styles are: Narrative, Persuasive, Expository, and Descriptive.

Narrative writing is that types of writing styles, where the author narrates or writes a story which can be fictional or based on his own experience. These writing styles are generally written in first person, where the author behaves like a character and portrays emotions and feelings. Thus, narrative writing narrates a story, has characters as well as dialogues, the events are connected to each other, and it often comprises of various situations that a character could face, such as conflicts and therefore brings in various emotions. Poetry, short stories, novels, novellas, and biographies fall under this category.

Persuasive writing is that types of writing styles, where the author tries to persuade or convince its audience by expressing a particular view and then asking its audience to accept it. This is generally written in form of an essay and uses various facts or observation to explain the viewpoint. The letter written to editors, debates or speeches, editorial columns, articles, complaint letters, commercials on television, among others, comes under this category as you will also witness the author biasness and his justification in these. Thus, in this type of writing, the author takes a particular view or stand and then writes about it asking for a suitable action that has to be taken by its audience.

Expository writing is that types of writing styles, where the writer tries to explain a certain topic which may be difficult to understand or give factual information about it. The author writes in order to convey its negatives as well as positive and present information in order to make its readers aware. Unlike narrative, in these types of writing styles, no emotions, personal opinions or viewpoints of author are portrayed. This type is generally found when an author is writing definitions, textbooks, research papers, analytical essays, news reports, instructions, among others. Thus, expository writing deals with facts in order to explain things in a logical manner and sequence.

Descriptive writing is those types of writing styles, where the author or the writer gives an elaborate picture or description of a person, place, event or an idea. The focus lies on detailing and not just on information. It is similar to painting, where details are given more relevance. This style helps in creating an effect on the readers which will appeal to the sensations of readers. For example: if an author wants to write about vampires, then he can explain its details by using adjectives such as ‘a blood and red eyed vampire’. Thus, descriptive writing gives you a visual image and appears to be poetic.

Thus, a write should be aware about these types of writing styles and should be able to work with these depending upon the topic.