Types Of Windows Mobile

Windows has come a long way from where it used to- though initially it was making software and incorporating these into computers, today they have come up with different types of windows mobile. A large number of people do invest in and buy these types of windows mobile because of their many features, performance, software and efficiency. In fact these types of windows mobile are rapidly becoming amongst the most used/bought mobiles in the market and are priced well too. There are primarily two types of windows mobile and both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The first of the two types of windows mobile are known as Windows Mobile for Pocket PC. These are literally like computers or laptops that you can carry around in your pockets except they have other features that are more useful than laptops and computers in some ways. For starters these are usually touchscreens and being one of the types of Windows Mobile that the company has come up with its own, these phones come with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint pre-installed so you can easily access any document or information you may have saved in these. You can just walk around or travel on a bus or from home to work and you can work on these programs as you are on-the-go. That is why these types of Windows Mobile phones are also convenient- you are practically carrying a mini-laptop with yourself at all times in your very own pocket.

The second of the two types of windows mobile are made for smartphones specifically and these types of windows mobile phones are smaller than the types of windows mobile for Pocket PC. These do not operate or work as touchscreens do and have been made in a particular way so that users are able to do everything with one hand. Unlike the types of Windows mobile made for Pocket PC these phones do consist of Windows Office though you can definitely access Microsoft Office files from your smartphone but you cannot control or edit these files. Also, there isn’t as much software for these types of Windows Mobile as there is for the pocket PC. These phones are not meant to be used as pocket PCs are. They are mainly to be used as phones. Sometimes users get confused because they think that the mobile is made with updated features to improve upon the pocket PC or vice versa but this is not the case. The two are made differently. They have nothing to do with each other except for the fact that they are both made by Wind


Hence these are the two main types of windows mobile and now Windows is working to come up with more in future and in times to come. These types of Windows Mobile, however, are still beneficial but users are looking forward to a mobile that possible combines the features of the Windows Mobile for Pocket PC with the Windows Mobile for Smartphones.