Types Of Windows Computer

types of windows computer

Ever since the introduction of the windows operating system, it became very popular among people and different types of windows computer came into the market. Windows computers have considerable dominance over other competitors in the market and are popular for their user friendliness. There are a lot of computers that have adapted windows operating systems.


Desktop computers widely use windows operating system and the percentage of desktop computers that use other operating systems are very less as compared to the ones using windows operating systems.

Desktop computers are the types of windows computer that are designed for working on a table or a desk. Since they are designed for the usage in a fixed place, they are designed to accommodate high performance hardware and are strong and faster than other types of personal computers.


Laptop computers, also called as notebook computers, are the types of computers that are portable and considerably small as compared to desktop computers. These types of windows computer are lightweight personal computers and have small hardware. Laptop computers can run on battery charge and they come with an embedded rechargeable battery system. Windows operating systems are designed in such a way that they compensate for all drawbacks of the small and weak hardware designs of laptops. Operating systems should not consume lot of battery power and should also make maximum use of the available hardware and such types of windows computer has a plus point over the computers with other operating systems.


Handheld computers are the smallest computers and are also called as personal digital assistants. Such types of windows computer are not as powerful and fast as other computers but are still capable of meeting certain basic needs that business executives need. Such types of windows computer can store phone numbers, addresses, schedule appointments etc. and also allow you to play games. Certain PDAs have Internet and calling facility also. Handheld computers run on battery power and a stylus pen is used to navigate through options and doesn’t have a keyboard.


Tablet computers are the latest advancement in the computing field. Tablet computers are capable of doing most of the tasks done by a laptop computer and are equally strong and fast as laptop computers. These types of windows computer are flat, single piece computers with a built in screen that is touch enabled. You can navigate through the built in touch screen using your fingers. Tablet computers also run on battery power and require an operating system that consumes considerably less battery power. Even though tablet pcs are very small in appearance, their hardware is designed in such a way that they cope with all performance requirements.

Windows has marked their presence in all computing fields and the range of types of windows computer available today is huge. The market share of windows computers justifies this argument.