Types Of Windows 7

Windows 7 is among the most used operating systems of our time and this is why knowing the types of Windows 7 is important information to anyone as they can make good use of it for their desktop. They can use the Windows 7 too in their laptops or no matter how they prefer to use them. Just make sure that you get the right types of Windows 7 by knowing each of them really better and well.

The Windows 7 Starter is the most basic of all types of Windows 7. This is said to be the operating system that is best used in netbooks because are stripped down to its basics, as it can only run three programs at a time. Not a lot of people know these types of Windows 7. They think that when they get this one, they are just getting something temporary but hey this can work really well too.

The Windows 7 Home Basic is the second of the types of Windows 7. This is a notch higher than the Starter and has a few improvements to be proud of. This is the one that is used by people in their homes because it can offer them pretty good features and abilities. But in a nutshell, the Windows 7 Home Basic will give you better graphics and a sharing option for the internet connection as well.

The Windows 7 Home Premium is the highest types of Windows 7 Home. Here, you will get to watch TV on your desktop and can even record them as you do. It is also a widely known fact that the Windows 7 Home Premium can give you great options in creating DVDs from many different video files so that you can watch them on your DVD and home theaters too.

The Windows 7 Professional is the one made for the business people. Among all the types of Windows 7 this is the one that has many networking features that a small business can benefit from the most. There are many other tools that can be found in these types of Windows 7. Therefore you can make sure that you get the ones that will be able to give you all that you need.

The Windows 7 Enterprise is made for the large businesses. These are the types of Windows 7 that are best used by the people who are running medium to large businesses and handle more things than one. It is also a good tool to handle you other business needs. But this is not the top of the line yet, and there are more types of Windows 7 that you will love.

Lastly, we have Windows 7 Ultimate is the one that is targeted for the people in the information technology field. Here, you will everything that you need from the software and enjoy everything that you want to do with it. Hence if you are the type who spends his day in front of the computer all day, this is for you and make sure you get to know it and you will definitely be happy with what it can do.