Types Of Windows 7 Os

There are six basic types of windows 7 os, including the ultimate, professional, and premium editions, which are widely offered for retail sales to consumers. The other types of windows 7 os include the home basic, the enterprise edition, and the starter edition, of which their availability are not made to the retail market. The home basic edition is only made available in dome developing economies. The enterprise version is available through volume licensing, and the starter edition come pre-installed on new computers. All the latest types of windows 7 os have the latest features of their previous editions and more features.

The computer IA-32 bit basics is supported by all types of windows 7 os, with the exception of the starter edition which supports only 64 bit architecture. You will most definitely find the retail sales of the Windows 7 on two separate DVDs: the first one for the 86/32 architecture and the second one for the IA-32 architecture.

The media for installing all types of windows 7 os is still the same as long as they have equal level of processor architecture. The license of the product usually determines the type of features activated for the specific edition. And the upgrade of licenses will allow users to effectively add more features without any re-installation of the OS. So, users who want to add more features to their edition can upgrade to a higher version online without any need to reinstall all the version’s components. However, there are some types of windows 7 os that have upgrade restrictions. This means that the only way to upgrade is to buy the physical product and activate them in your geographical location. These products are always specified on their packs when they are bought.

There is a comprehensive pack offered by Microsoft which allows users install the Home Premium version on three different computers. The family pack can be purchased with $149. But sometimes Microsoft offer discounts to student, for example in 2009 they decided to sell their family pack at the rate of $30 to students in the United Kingdom and the United states who have valid .ac.uk or .edu email addresses. This group of people could be given either the professional edition or the Home Premium Edition at the same price of $30 when they apply. This offer was later extended to other regions such as India, France, Mexico, Korea, Australia, and Canada.

All the types of windows 7 os are produced and distributed to people to meet their different needs. The most basic version is the starter edition which is intended to meet the needs of people with lower cost PCs. Below is a list of the various types of windows 7 os and the group of people they are desighned to target:

* Ultimate edition – for users that are enthusiasts

* Enterprise edition – for medium and large sized corporations

* Professional edition – for small and regular business organizations

* Home premium – intended for basic home users

* Home basic edition – intended for growing markets

* Starter edition – intended for individuals with low cost PCs.