Types Of Windows 7 Editions

Microsoft Windows frequently update their product. Windows 7 has become tremendously popular among the populace. It is the second last version of Microsoft with several other types of windows 7 editions. There are total seven editions available into windows 7 viz. Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, and Windows 7 Ultimate. All these editions are categorized on the basis of their prices, features and in-built characteristics. Windows 7 is considered as the most significant among all other versions of Microsoft. It offers faster performance as well as comfort using. There are many people who still prefer to use this version although Microsoft has launched Windows 8.

The growing popularity of using laptops has shown that people need fast accessing, smooth using, and highest level of performance. All types of windows 7 editions fulfill these requirements. Everyone knows that windows explorer has two basic version naming business version and home version. On the other hand, there are total five versions available in windows vista. Though there are six different types of windows 7 editions all of those are very easy to understand.

You get to see slight difference in operations and features into all versions of windows 7. Usually people used to select windows 7 home premium for the domestic level usage of their computer whereas many businesses select windows 7 professional to help increase the speed of their computer related tasks. It is necessary to know what is provided into each version in order to select best matching version for your computer.

Let’s take a wide look on all types of windows 7 editions.

Types of windows 7 editions:

Windows 7 starter:

You can run three programs at a time in case of windows 7 starter. It can be called as a slipped-down version. You can use this version to access several netbooks.

Windows 7 home basic:

This version is considered as most suitable version for the countries that are developing rapidly. It allows easy connection sharing of the internet. Along with this, improved graphics are incorporated in this version.

Windows 7 home premium:

This version provides lots of features to meet most of the consumer’s requirements. You can connect your television set with the computer if you have windows 7 home premium. Thus, recording as well as watching television on your personal computer has become easy with this version.

Windows 7 professional:

This version is created with the target audience that works into certain kind of business. Many added networking tools are incorporated in this version. Small as well as large scale businesses prefer this version.

Windows 7 enterprise:

This version gets sold into bulk. Microsoft offers this version to most of the lage scale businesses.

Windows 7 ultimate:

People who work into IT field and spend more than half portion of their life in front of computer select this version of windows 7. Among all other types of windows 7 editions this version is considered as little expensive.