Types Of Windows 2008

Working on a computer a lot of times will give you the need to understand the types of Windows 2008. You see, there are many different types of Windows 2008. Of course each of them will give you different capabilities as well as different joys in using your computer system. This being said, you should get to know the types of Windows 2008.

There are basically 6 types of Windows 2008.

Windows Starter is the most basic among all types of Windows 2008. It only allows you to run 3 programs at a time easily. Yes, you can still be able to open many different programs and open more than three – but expect that if your computer system will either hang or slow down – which you do not like to happen as it can disrupt whatever it is that you are doing really badly. These are the types of Windows 2008 that are ideal for systems that do not have high specifications.

The Windows Home Basic is just a notch higher than the Starter. These types of Windows 2008 can handle more than three programs but not too much. It can also handle better and bigger graphics so that you can enjoy your games there. Another improvement that is seen in these types of Windows 2008 is that they have advanced internet connection options.

The Windows Home Premium is the third of the six types of Windows 2008 that are for most consumers. These are the ones that will allow people to do many things and yet is still reasonably priced. It also has advanced functionalities with regards to videos and audio. It can record TV too. Another great thing that comes with the Windows Home Premium is that it is the one that has ideal controls from creating DVDs.

The Windows Professional is the Windows version that is meant to be used by the professionals or the business market. They include networking functionalities as well as other tools that businesses can use to make their lives easier. They are also equipped with everything that the first three versions have.

The Windows Enterprise is the version that is meant to be used by the large businesses. Simply put, these types of Windows 2008 are the ones that give business people capabilities to handle and manage their large businesses with ease as they have a computer system to help them do so.

The Windows Ultimate is the ultimate Windows version. It is the version that is meant to be used by the top most computer professionals – the programmers and the other specialists of the information technology field. This means that these are the operating systems that will allow them to play around with their computer systems. These are the ones that will allow them to make it better and make programs that will make the lives of people better. Of course these operating systems will have the capabilities of all the lower level versions of the operating systems. Long story cut short, if you want the best (but most expensive) Windows version, then get the Enterprise.