Types Of Whales

What are the different types of whales? Whales are the biggest mammals that ever existed. They are wonderful creatures as some of them can be really huge but very gentle a well. All over the globe, whales roam and there are many different types of whales that one can find. Therefore, it is nice to get to know them in order to know how to react once we get close encounters to these huge creatures.

Among the many different types of whales, the largest are the blue whales. They are also the loudest animals around. As huge as they are, they are very gently creatures as they only eat shrimp and krill the whole day. You see, these whales are so big that their tongues alone can weigh up to 2.7 metric tons. Among the many types of animals and whales, they are the biggest and gentlest.

The orca whales are known to be the powerful predators among all the types of whales. They can grow up to 105 feet and weigh somewhere around 200 tons. This is why these whales are also called killer whales. Another common name that many people refer to orcas is “sea wolves” as they usually hunt in packs, much like wolves.

Humpback whales are other huge types of whales. They are known to be the best singers among all whales as they are able to sing and communicate with each other by their magical songs. These types of whales are also very gentle. They are omnivores and only eat plankton, shrimp and krill. These whales can grow up to 52 ft. and weigh somewhere around 40 tons.

Do you know that belugas are types of whales? Yes, these dugong-like white creatures are also whales. They are also called sea canary because they can sing with high pitch. Belugas can only grow up to 18 feet while the females of their kind only grow up to 13. When it comes to weight, these gentle creatures can weigh only up to 1200 kilograms. Much like most mammals and whales, they also hunt in packs and eats small fishes, octopuses, shrimp, and crabs.

Sperm whales are the types of whales with the largest brains. Actually, they are the animals with the largest brain in the whole world. Each of their teeth can weigh up to 1 kilo and they have somewhere around 26 of them. As per their size, well, these whales can grow up to 60 feet and weigh somewhere around 45 tons.

Lastly, we have the fin whales. They are the second largest to the blue whales as they can grow up to 90 feet and weight somewhere around 70 tons. Most people would think that a bigger size will denote slower movement. Usually, this is true but not when it comes to fin whales. They are also known as the greyhound of the sea as they are very fast swimmers. Their feeding habits are not like all other types of whales. They eat the whole winter and then that’s just about it.