Types Of Vitamins

What are the different types of vitamins? Vitamins are among the most important nutrients that we should have in our bodies. From childhood until adulthood, it is important that we are able to consume vast amounts of vitamins to ensure our body functions well and we can over all be considered healthy. There are a number of different types of vitamins. However, there are two main categorizations of vitamins, the water soluble vitamins and the fat soluble vitamins. The water soluble types of vitamins are those vitamins that can be flushed out. The fat soluble types of vitamins, however, are those that are stored in the fatty tissues of the body.

The most common among the types of vitamins is Vitamin A. These types of vitamins can be extracted from milk, eggs, carrots, spinach, and the like. These vitamins are known to improve eyesight. They are also known to be able to help in maintaining skin soft and damage free.

Next, we have vitamin B. These types of vitamins are considered multivitamins as there are many different vitamin B types. Here we have vitamin B1, B12, B6 and B6. Other forms of vitamin B include biotin, niacin, folic acid, and pathothenic acid. Vitamin B is known to generate energy. They are the energy that our body uses to perform and carry out many physical activities. The vitamin B types are also responsible for creating of red blood cells. These are the parts of the blood that carry oxygen to the other parts of our body. Due to the many different types this vitamin, they can be found in a number of different sources. The sources of vitamin B includes whole grains, fish, oats, seafood, yoghurt, milk, other dairy products such as cheese, wheat, peas, beans, and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C is among the types of vitamins that focus in making our gums strong. They are also the vitamins that ensure that our muscles are healthy as well. There are many different sources of vitamin C. These sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, cabbages, and many others. Vitamin C is known to be able to aid the well healing of wounds. It allows us to easily overcome infections as well.

Vitamin D is among the types of vitamins that have the main goal of making our teeth and bones strong. They are the vitamins that focus in making calcium absorption in the body become very effective. The many sources of vitamin D include fish, milk, egg yolk, and many other dairy products.

Vitamin E is the vitamin that takes good care of our lungs. These are the vitamins that aid in red blood cells formation as well. The most common sources of vitamin E include nuts, grains, green leafy vegetables, oats, rice, and many others.

Last, we have Vitamin K. These are vitamins that helps maintain the normal levels of proteins that aid in blood clotting. The most common sources of vitamin K include dairy products, green leafy vegetables, pork, and many others.