Types Of Virus

What are the different types of virus? As we all know, a virus is harmful in our bodies. When it comes to computer systems, computer viruses are harmful as well. These are harmful programs that can hinder a computer’s ability to do the things it normally does. The harm that a virus can do can be as little as deleting a file to as big as messing up your whole system. Hence, as we always use the computer, we better know the different types of virus so that we know what to do in certain situations. Also, this will help us prevent and avoid getting computer viruses in our computer systems.

Memory Resident Virus. As the name implies, these types of virus resides in the memory of the computer. The memory resident viruses are the viruses that find their way into the computer memory. When the operating system runs, which means every time, the virus will infect the files that are opened during the said period. Of course, this is never a good thing. The worst part about these types of virus is that it stays and takes control of the memory, allocates memory blocks to store its code, therefore running and damaging files. As long as a file is accessed, then it will be corrupted by the virus. To take these types of virus out, installing an antivirus program will suffice.

Direct Action Virus. The direct action viruses are types of virus that replicate themselves. As these viruses get into your computer system, it makes sure that it leaves replicas around. When the file is executed, then the virus will go into full effect. Specifically, these types of virus affect the files that will pass through the Autoexec.bat path. Keep in mind that this path is at the deepest part of your computer. Therefore, when the computer is booted, the virus will spread. The main problem about these types of virus is that they change their hideout every time. This is why it is very hard to detect them and eliminate them all.

Overwrite Virus. As the name implies, the overwrite virus is a virus that overwrites the content of the file it infects. These are types of virus that technically deletes information of the infected files. They most commonly corrupt the file and make it useless. Keep in mind that these types of virus do not change size of the files and just overwrites them, therefore does not cause memory damage. To clean these types of virus, just make sure that you are able to delete all infected files.

Macro Virus. The micro virus is a virus that infects files that contain macros. These are usually word processing applications such Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the like. These viruses infect the way these programs work. Therefore, you may notice that when you open your files in these programs, there are commands that execute themselves and automate different actions. When you see these happening, then you are infected with the macro virus. Make sure you don’t open emails from unknown people so that you won’t get these kinds of viruses.