Types Of Virus Cells

There are various types of virus cells and the common thing about all of them is that they are usually contagious to one extent or another. Some of these viruses are air-borne while others infect upon contact. While some of these viruses are deadly and fatal, others are not.

AIDS is one of the most common types of virus cells which is claiming numerous lives on a daily basis. This virus is fatal because there is no way to get rid of it completely so far though recently a few patients did recover from it after getting bone marrow transplants, these cases are rare and exceptions. Usually people get AIDS due to involvement in sexual activities with people who suffer from AIDS and the risk of contracting the disease is increased when no contraception is used. A number of gay and bisexual men are affected by the disease because of the fact that they do not use contraception when penetrating one another. Secondly, drug addicts contract the disease too because they share the same needles and one of the two (or more) people sharing the needle has AIDS and the disease then spreads from one person to the other and so on and so forth.

Various types of virus cells have different sorts of effects upon other people. For example, influenza isn’t too serious and though contagious, it can be cured within a few days. These types of virus cells can be removed from the body because of the fact that the body can produce antibodies to deal with them (unless a person has AIDS in which case the disease could become something worse and cause death) and modern technology and research has allowed pharmacists and scientists to come up with medicines that can get rid of these types of virus cells very soon.

Another of the many types of virus cells is the virus cell that causes genital warts. What happens in this case is that another person carrying the virus can transmit the disease to another via sexual contact without the use of contraception. That’s the thing about these viruses- contraception can greatly minimize the chances and risks of getting infected by these types of virus cells but lack of protective measures increases the chances. Penetration of the anus or vagina, without the use of contraception, would definitely cause the submissive partner/person to get affected by the virus since the other person carries these types of virus cells in his/her system.

Certain types of virus cells just stay within the body temporarily and then, go away because the body’s immune system is strong enough to deal with these types of virus cells by producing antibodies that could combat these virus cells. By way of example, hepatitis A can be eradicated from the body (if it isn’t too serious) because the body can produce anti-bodies to combat the cells that cause the disease. On the other hand, this is not the case with AIDS because these types of virus cells destroy the immune system so that they cannot produce antibodies to combat diseases and cells that cause these diseases.