Types Of Viral Diseases

In the world of today there are so many types of viral diseases that affect mankind and while some of these are fatal, others may not be as fatal but they could develop into something that is serious if they aren’t treated earlier on. Certain types of viral diseases may have an effect upon others by simply shaking someone’s hands while others may spread only via certain types of contact-namely sexual content and every one of these types of viral diseases have one thing in common which is that they spread via contact of some sort or the other.

One of the deadliest types of viral diseases that has caused the most death in the past many years since it was found is HIV/AIDS. Though HIV later on becomes AIDS, it has claimed quite a few lives because of the fact that it almost always does develop into AIDS. What these types of viral diseases do is that they attack the immune system and get rid of the white blood cells which protect us from certain types of diseases and infections. Even something that is as common as an ordinary flu may develop into pneumonia and cause death. This is spread via sexual contact without the use of contraception and sharing needles and syringes for drugs. These are the two most common reasons due to which these types of viral diseases spread.

One of the more ‘tame’ and harmless types of viral diseases is influenza which is basically a term used for the common flu by doctors. You will frequently see people suffering from this in the winters while others even suffer from influenza in the summers. Many people are of the belief that this occurs due to sitting in rooms of extreme temperatures or moving in from one place to the other (where the temperatures are very different). However, some scientists and doctors state that these types of viral diseases spread due to contact with someone who already has the disease and so, anyone with influenza should avoid physical contact with someone who has been infected with the disease. The disease is not believed to spread via sexual contact the way HIV/AIDS is though.

Hepatitis is another of the many types of viral diseases that can spread either due to sexual contact, or due sharing of foods and drinks. Hepatitis A is the least serious of the types of viral diseases and usually occurs due to intake of contaminated fluids or foods. People with jaundice are usually said to suffer from these types of viral diseases though the body can produce the antibodies to fight the disease. Hepatitis B is spread through sexual contact but these types of viral diseases can be cured once discovered. The deadliest of the three types of viral diseases is hepatitis C. There is no cure to it and hepatitis C can be spread only if one comes into contact with someone who has the virus in the blood (much like HIV/AIDS) but not due to sharing foods with someone with the disease.